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  1. Hi Guys, So i've been chronicling my lessons on the dao and I found this one from a while back. It was moving to me when I first learned it. I hope you like it too
  2. Taoism Beliefs

    So, I just uploaded: Taoism Beliefs To Youtube. Did I miss anything? Let me know... I'll make a followup video... PS... the thing about Hit-Lur, People keep misunderstanding... So i must have done a terrible job explaining it. What I meant was that There is NO WAY TO KNOW all of the ways the universe balances everything out... so I just cited a couple of examples... and it sounded - to some - like I was was saying that those examples mentioned are all the ways that he got his karma back. ugh. =p
  3. David, I've attended a few of his seminars and workshops. I'm not an acupuncturist but if you are his schedule is at Mew: This maybe what you're looking for
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    so do i have to say something here before I can reply to a forum topic?