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  1. Tai Chi Ruler

    Hi Cheya: I am not practicing TCR so I can't really recommend a version more than another. GM S.K.Lew's version and GM Feng Zhiqiang's version are two I am aware of (except the one you are currently practicing which origin is not clear to you, right?). I also know that M. Rinaldini (My link) teaches some TCR exercices in his curriculum but I don't know who passed them down to him (may be K.Cohen?). Sorry, I can't be of any help here If the version you are practicing feels good then it's the real deal, right?! neiye edit for spelling
  2. Tai Chi Ruler

    Hi Cheya I am not Baguakid, but he may refer to Carl Totton: My link He sells a DVD on a tai chi ruler version Master S.K.Lew taught (the same GM that taught the system to Terry Dunn). Be well, neiye
  3. Question about Healing Sounds

    Hi, I don't see any reason why M.Chia's teachings about healing sounds could be a fraud. You can find the same sounds taught in other systems; only the movements associated may vary. If you already have M.Chia's book then go for it. If not the one I recommended, is quite simple, easy to work with and is a legit teaching. neiye
  4. Question about Healing Sounds

    Hi, You could get this book: My link it presents healing sounds and gentle movements. As far as my experience goes, it works; be sure to do them daily. Take care neiye
  5. What does it matter in the end?

    Yes!! Marblehead + cat = 100% practical/0%MetaphysicalBS You may also see if this resonates with you:My link if yes, I think you can receive help here free of charge:My link Take care edited for spelling
  6. What does it matter in the end?

    I completely second that
  7. How to stop ejaculation tutorial

    Hi effilang, Thanks for starting this thread telling about your experience. Where did you learn YJJ? How did it came to you to use YJJ for ejaculation control? neiye
  8. Hi My screen name comes form Nei-yeh (Inward training). But since I am still not really good at it, I removed the "h" so that I remember there is still more to do: cultivation has no end. neiye
  9. What does it matter in the end?

    Hi Twinner, I would be happy to avoid metaphysical BS. But your situation has its own peculiarity and I (we) need to look into it accordingly. A lot of people are on the verge of being homeless now but your situation is not the same as another. If a meaning can be found in it, it won't be valid for someone else in a similar situation. To be of any help, one has to know much more about the details of your life and situation; otherwise, it will end in generalizations and metaphysical BS. Take care, neiye
  10. End of the world is May 21st.

    My question is : why God is so interested in seeing Oprah's show that he postponed the rapture?? Besides, Mr Camping says that Oprah will not be part of the fiesta... That's really puzzling. God's ways are really inscrutable for wackos like me. Hopefully, Mr Camping takes care of me. I am waiting for your next post ralis on May 26 giving us the link to the next Camping's youtube message. Thanks a lot
  11. What is magic? How does magic work?

    Hi unmike, You can read chap 6 of the Huainan zi (a translation has been published recently in english ( You can also have a look and read about the confucean thinker Dong Zhongshu (195 BCE-115 BCE)in the Fung, Yu-lan A History of Chinese Philosophy Princeton University Press (chap II Tung Chung-shu)( Dong Zhongshu has elaborated a lot about Yuanqi (Primordial Breath)has a manifestation of Gan-ying. Yuanqi has an harmonious and consonant nature (heshun), it is considered by Dong Zhongshu has a manifestation, embodiement of Heaven's will and a median/medium of Gan-Ying between Heaven and Man. Hope some more knowledgeable bums will chime in, neiye
  12. taoist lovemaking and karezza

    Sloppy Zhang, Your patience, compassion, good will to help is admirable. I sincerely hope you will succeed with Non. As far as it has some sense and value, he may at least add you in his Tao Bums friends. Be well
  13. What is magic? How does magic work?

    Gan-Ying is Tian ren Gan-ying which the resonance between Heaven and Man ( in the model of a stimulus-response). This concept has been first elaborated from Yijing to describe how Qi has evolved into two qi, yin and yang, interacting (gan ying) with each other and giving birth to the ten thousand beings (Xian, Tuanzhuan, commentary of the 31th hexagram). In my understanding gan-ying describe the universal connection between things, beings and human beings. Taomeow will do best than me to explain it. Edit: too late, she has already answered