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  1. Introduction

    Wow -- awesome wedding site and date (summer solstice / full moon / cathedral rock! Eric will be jealous -- we had cathedral rock in the background but were not even really near it)! Beautiful photo -- thanks for sharing it --I'm struggling with getting photos posted, so I appreciate your kind words on the one I did manage to post! Peace, Dian
  2. Introduction

    Wow so many open and friendly people -- how great!
  3. Joyously Married

  4. Mantak Chia

    Erdweird -- my wonderful, handsome, brilliant, funny, charismatic, highly successful, romantic, active and fun-loving, very happy, incredibly sexy husband is doing great --thanks for your concern though. Peace, Dian Yudelove
  5. Introduction

    Greetings & Blessings! Thank you so much Tao Bums -- you provide a valuable service and make a contribution. I am so lucky and happy to be Eric Yudelove's wife and apprentice. The Dragon Master (Eric's Tao name, which he has probably been too humble to share with you all) mentioned that someone on the site wanted to know about his books. I told Eric I would love to respond. He said do it and so here I am. How exciting for me! I have an identity without Eric but for the purposes of this site I get to be all about Eric. Since Eric is my favorite thing in the world, this is all good for me! Thanks, Dian Yudelove