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  1. anger Se7en - final scene frustration No Country for Old Men - final scene sarcasm Training Day - final scene (Alonso right before lighting his cigarette) Married with Children Season 6 Episode 14 - The Mystery of Skull Island - final scene
  2. Fatigue

    I personally donĀ“t like that practice. The lsd-system is much better because you donĀ“t have to change yourself or your attitude. You can be however you want to be as long as you work your ass of and do the practice. If you commit crimes or whatever, that may have carmic consequences, ok - that may be but in the lsd system, you donĀ“t have to be kind or benevolent to progress. Moreover, you forget that there were lots of cruel people in the past who were not sick and didnĀ“t suffer from fatigue. Napoleon, for example, only slept about 5 hours a day or so.
  3. Fatigue

    IĀ“m interested in taoist practices for a longer time and in the past, for some time, i did a Tai Chi practice (XSZ). But not right now. ThatĀ“s why i wrote: "My day looks like this: working, eating, sleeping and surfing in the internet. ThatĀ“s almost all that i do". Even though i didnĀ“t notice a positive effect on my emotions, i am still interested in the practice but i donĀ“t have the discipline to do it right now. possible reasons for fatigue / sleepiness / depression / low energy - a healing crisis - wrong eating habits - energy blockages (whereas these might not necessarily be curable by oneself - You and i might need the help of a authentic master (i.e. Chang, Feng or Liping), not of those guys who just call themselves "master") - genetic reasons - no balls The last aspect is also important. Life is cruel. If you want to achieve something, you have to endure the pain. You have to kick in your ass. I am crying around about my problems and donĀ“t get my ass of to practice simple 90 minutes of Tai Chi three times a week. ThatĀ“s so ridiculous. In comparison to that, i read that level 3 lsd-practicioners who want to attain level 4 suffer like hell and i also read that those who attained level 4 and want to reach an even higher level just suffer even more than that.
  4. Fatigue

  5. Keep Getting Horny During Meditation :(

    I can only theoretically discuss this issue as i have not experienced it myself but i think you are wrong. You need more than 1 minute for the exercise. You have to prepare yourself and you have to do other exercises regularily. The prerequisite for doing testicle breathing properly or for doing the big draw is to have an open microcosmic orbit. If you want to have an open mco, you have to meditate daily at least 30 minutes.
  6. Hi everybody

    Hi, i registered because i seek medical assistance. I hope that Traditional Chinese Medicine might cure my illness. Have a look at my post in the section "Taoist Discussion" for the details.