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  1. Chi In Nature Taoism and Mak Tin Si

    Has anyone read about how he feels about other paths such as buddhism, other taoist schools, christianity, hinduism, wicca,kunlun, reiki...
  2. The Max Christensen Facts Not Fiction Thread.

    The kunlun movie was shared on the neigongforum via website like megaupload, if anybodys interested. Scroll down page 1.
  3. Wilson Yong

    He is going to be in San Francisco, USA at the end of august.
  4. Hello

    Thanks everyone!
  5. Kunlun Seminar with Kan

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if someone who has taken a Kunlun Seminar with Kan can share any experiences? Thanks
  6. Kunlun in the UK?

    Hi Ed, I spoke to Diana Aubrey of and she said if there is enough people we can get a facilitator to come and teach a seminar in the uk. If there is anyone in the UK interested then PM me.
  7. Hello

    Hello, I came acroos this forum and I like it. Thanks