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  1. What would YOU ask Bruce Frantzis?

    Hey Sean. ! question I you should ask is about the IMA's ability to heal joint injuries. (Knees, shoulders etc.) He states in many of his books that they are in fact super duper good at healing joint trauma. BUT THAT'S. Nothing on the specifics. He will also state in the same book to that bagua stepping (for exapmle) can hurt your knees. So there is some incongruency here. If you could ask about healing joints via IMA that would be AWESOME. Also I would like to know if he is planning to release the bagua mastery program for a larger aduience than to the 250 in the future or is this the only chance to get the contents to the bagua mastery program?? Thx man your doing a huge favor making these interviews.
  2. filling the dan tien

    I think it's kind of ass backwards with trying to first feel your core muscles and the physical aspects before you start messing with Qi. IME Qi is what animates the physical body. Without Qi there is no physical body to feel. At one point my physical body was as if transparent, that was how whacked out my Qi was. With Qi my body has started to get form. I think it's useless to try to feel those muscles without the building up of chi.
  3. Fasting

    You are more or less in the same predicament that I am in, except it's my knee... You may want to reconsider the fast and think about a "Mono-Diet". That's from the KY TT manual. One of my KY teachers adviced me to take up this banana diet which rebuilds torn tissue and removes drug deposits... (considering my knee he said.) Which would seem to be a good pick for you as well. Considering our similar predicaments. No expert here, would be my first go on a fast as well... And will be getting tips from the teacher when I start it on next months full moon. I can write the diet here: This diet should be in your price range. You can't get any cheaper than this. Great for your broke ass! You can do Half the diet, which was recommended for me... (7 days bananas, half day off, 14 days of beans and rice...) I have the books recipes for Yogi tea and the mung beans & rice cooked with vegetables if youd like them aswell. But you get the picture. ................... I got that same thing with the body being fragile as shit as well. And alignments being poor... Problem is insufficient CHI in the "etheric body". Your "inner structure" is fucked up which makes the body "empty" and sloppy. Also because it's the ankle and trauma there (legs) is cutting up much of the chi that would going up and down the leg normally. Which is a factor you havent been that grounded and "physically aware" for some time now. So grounding and getting chi trough the ankle (slowly and safely) should be your main focuses energetically. All chi gung does this and develop inner structure, You should do some standing in the basic chi gung stance (wuji stance) which is most neutral and therefore most relevant for overall healing (static standing practices lso develop inner structure the fastest) but what comes to mind is B.K. Frantzis's "Dragon & tiger medical chi gung". I think he has some material out already conserning only that practice. But what you can also get is "The CHI revolution" which has the practices I thought would be for you from D&T (Includes moving the ankles) and it shows the basic stance I was talking about.... It also works the acupuncture meridians people are so certain about in this thread. You might also run your hands over your legs at the end of any chi gung session. Don't know how to describe it in any better words. Meditation should be breath based. Plenty of breathing (outside of meditaion too) as it cleans, brings chi and connects you to the body. Making it easier to find the energetic trauma in the ankle and elsewhere in the body. You might also want to look up on some good reiki guy and tell him to focus on the ankle and first chakra. The major healing will happen beyond the physical in your chi so the diet isn't going to be the "cure". it will help. But healing the actual trauma should be your end goal in the long term. And feeling the trauma will be somewhat painful. But you will recognize it as being energetic. Be easy on your ankle. TAKE THE MONO DIET INSTEAD OF THE FAST MOFO. IT TOOK EFFORT TO WRITE THIS.
  4. Is this a valuable book to start with?

    Thanks for the quick and clear reply. I hope I didn't start any KAP war here. Didn't read the meditation links yet, but from what I understood from your answer on it and my experience with meditation (2,5 years of pretty constant practice) was that by complementary opposites it is to been seen as emptiness on one side and internal noise (thoughts, emotions, static chi etc.) on the other. And by watching these one will realize the internal movement as not self and emptiness as self until one day there is only emptiness... If this is it, then that is exactly what i'm doing.
  5. Is this a valuable book to start with?

    What the hell is KAP?? I see it being mentioned here all the time but haven't read one thread where one says what it is. I do a 20 minute consciously connected breathing session. Would that count as a emptiness meditation? Sorry for the beginnerness. EDIT: To the OP. Those are all good. Tolle is a must read. One good choice also would be "The CHI revolution" by B. Frantzis
  6. I think you shouldn't be moving anything at all at this point. Your focus should be on dissolving the stuck energy within you. Once you get that going the MCO will be a lot easier to do. Keep your awareness focused on the dense energy and gently try to soften it up with your Yi. This can take a lot of time. You may have to spend months on it. Try to get the whole body of dense energy "wrapped" by your awareness. Eventually it should soften and dissolve. Can't remember the exact quantum physics quote, but it's something like "When an object is being observed, it will change because of being observed (the observing awareness" or something like that. If someone has the quote, please correct this. Ice to water, water to gas.
  7. Hey hey.

    Giving a shout out from cold Helsinki for all you taoist street rags. ;p Been into all the taoist arts and crafts for just over a year now... Can't wait to check out the discussions on the other boards. PEEACE!