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  1. Tricks & Tips for pulse diagnosis

    Hi Louis, Maybe this will help you a little. I found this articles very interesting and it did help me with my learning & practicing with pulse. They were written by the late Jim Ramholz who was the student of master Sung Baek\Jiang Jing who has a specail tradition and is an expert in pulse diagnosis. Some of them are quite complex and some are less, but you can find new ideas that will help you with the pulse. So, you can find the articles in: 1. http://pulsediagnosi...anTradition.htm 2. In yahoo groups, check the FILES section in these 3 groups (all the articles by the nick "jramholz") : a. http://health.groups...PulseDiagnosis/ b. http://health.groups...PulseDiagnosis/ c. http://health.groups...eseherbacademy/ On the other hand, after all the intelectual lerning in the head (which is very important), you realy need to "forget all of it" when you come to feel the pulse. You should concentrate just on the feeling of the pulse, what you realy feel, without any judging... you may have only phisical sensations, and you may have also emotional and spiritual sensations.. You need to be very receptive when you check the pulse, listen very carefuly. Only after that you can again start to analyze what you felt with what you know and lernt in your head. I hope this will help you
  2. Hi

    Hi everyone, I'm very happy to come here I'm a chinese medicine practitioner. I allways love to lern more about taoism, qigong, traditional medicine etc... I'm sure I can discover manny new things with this forum thanx Taotao