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  1. mantra usage can be dangerous?

    thank you very much for this thoughtful reply. so are you basically saying that I should try to continue the mantra practice, and just not pay attention to my negative thoughts and distractions? thank you for this. This looks like sound advice to me, I am not too concerned about the mantras not having a strong effect, i am much more worried about them having adverse effects. thanks to everyone for their contributions
  2. For the past few years I have been using some mantras to help my concentration as well as to use their magical properties to cause positive changes in my life and those around me. I have had dramatic sucess using them for their magical purposes I believe, however recently I have been worried because I think that the mantras I use can fulfill my wishes, both good and bad. I am worried because I think that some of my subconscious desires and wills are carried on the mantras i use and tend to become a reality somewhat in my experience. Although I would never wish harm on anyone in any kind of way I am fairly certain my mantra practice helps turn my desires into reality. I tend to get angry easily and a week ago I got angry at my friend, and his house caught on fire. Another time I tried to use the mantras to send my intent to heal another friend but he really pissed me off, and although i still tried to help him with mantra usage to help his knee he instead became violently ill with a fever. As a result of such experiences and others I have become paranoid and now a lot of times when i do mantra practice i am afraid of harming people and because of this i somehow uncontrollably imagine bad things happening to them for a few seconds at a time. Does this make sense? And i can imagine this can only make things much worse. Also I guess these are the reasons why many mantras were hidden and not to be used by everybody. and /or required a transmission or guidance in their usage I dont know what to do at this point i dont want to stop doing the mantras but if they will result in people getting hurt i guess i have no choice but to stop. anybody ever run into anything like this? thank you all
  3. I could not find the 4 corners excercise i think this video clip is the end of sonnons beginner series right? I also personally find similarities between what you said regarding interactions with females as well
  4. I was researching a bit about nitric oxide since trunk mentioned it on another thread along with Dr. ignarro's formulas it made me think of another L-arginine researcher named Dr. Allen who apperantly sells a very high grade l-arginine product. I was wondering if anybody has experience with either Dr. allen's or Dr. Ignarros formulas??
  5. Thank you once more, I wish I could express to you how grateful I am for the time and energy you put into helping me and explaining to others this issue. For many of us it is a very bewildering thing to deal with especially since we have no point of reference for what our friends are going through. From your post I take it that it is ok for individuals with psychotic symptoms to do any form of sinking the chi from the head or higher regions to either the lower tan tien or the feet? when one finnishes such excercises is it ok to keep the energy in the feet? does this mean one directs the energy from the tailbone through the front of the legs to the balls of the feet to the heels and then through the back of the legs to the tailbone and repeated? or does it mean direct the chi from the tailbone and just circulate it in the feet? is this just concentrating and moving energy to those 2 areas respectively? thank you once more
  6. Thank you so much for your long and thoughtful post. I am incredibly pleased to hear that you have effectively dealt with your issues. This is all extremely helpful to me. When your book is published please do let us know! You know one thing I did not bring up here on this thread is that even if we find solutions (real solutions, not drugging to sedate or kill ones personality) for the ones we know with psychotic disorders, we may not be able to convince them to try them. Often these individuals will not want to listen to anything anyone offers to them. It seems that one has to find the right time to approach them when they are in a calm state. And it is difficult to know when they are in a calm state, or to know what will trigger them to go from a calm to an agitated state. Yes for males i was wondering the same thing, i would think that a male with a psychotic disorder who had sexual interactions with females may be able to swap some energy and use some more "yin" chi to balance himself out?? Any techniques here?
  7. yes i certainly did learn my lesson from all of this, for this reason I am very wary of many schools of energetic and otherwise "spiritual" practices. I have become much more critical, and it saddens me to see that many students of real masters sometimes water down their teachings or create their own systems and teach them before they have mastered the said system of whomever taught them. I am not directing this towards chia or anyone in particular it is just a trend I have noticed. I think chia's system can work for some, and for those it causes problems in, it could cause such problems for various reasons not all of which Chia can directly be blamed for. I know psychological problems can have many causes, but I think in my cousins case he is extremely energeticly unbalanced due to semen retention. I also practiced retention before and was imbalanced, but not to the point of mental illness. I will check out BK Frantzis The area I dont think matters, I can get him anywhere in the country if anyone has any particular suggestions thanks again to you all
  8. So does anybody know of any tcm practitioners or anything of the like that can help with psychosis? I am really trying to find an acupuncturist or a chigung guy that can possibly check my cousin out. Is it possible for an acupuncturist or anyone highly skilled in chigung to open his front channel? thanks again
  9. thanks all for the responses yes you all brought up some valid points, such as practicing chia's methods properly is very important, and how maybe semen retention was not to blame as the primary cause for the problems yes i think these are all possibilities. I dont know. I think retention might have not been to blame totally for this, but i really do think it probably aggravated things at the least. no neither i nor he learned from a teacher.
  10. hello all, I have lurked around this forum quite a bit to see if I could get answers to my question, but I have not been able to get enough detailed and precise information on the subject, only a lot of conjecture my question is what can i do for psychosis caused by semen retention? i taught my cousin to never ejaculate at age 14 hes 18 now and has severe emotional/mental problems.....i think he is bipolar. he also did a limited amount of microcosmic orbit stuff and managed to open up the back channel but not the front, but didnt practice that regularly at all, meaning his only real practice was not ejaculating and having sex without ejaculating. I can only guess that since the back channel was opened and not the front that too much energy could have got lodged in the head. However its kinda strange because he never really channeled the energy there, he really only practiced retention....thats all His case is fairly severe, he no longer practices retention however, all his symptoms are still here. I am looking for solutions to specifically take care of this problem that do NOT require chi-gung or other types of related practice, besides possibly opening the front channel. Honestly what I am really looking for is some qi-gung healers that are experienced with insanity issues, but any advice is welcome too i guess i did not make it sound really bad but the problem is really quite severe and I am fairly sure it was caused by the semen retention.
  11. hi im aeon, and i have a serious problem i taught one of my younger cousins not to ever ejaculate (semen retention) when he was 14. Now he is 18 and has severe emotional/mental problems. I am pretty sure it is from not ejaculating although other factors could be involved. I am going to post in the discussion section on it furthur.... thank you