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  1. Breathing and feeling depleted

    Thank you everyone for you insight. I have heard this too, but I have noticed that as long as you're doing your breathing in through your nose and breathing out to your mouth it has no effect on your energy. I do this while running or jogging. It actually keeps me going longer whereas if I'm just breathing through my nose.
  2. Hello all, Hopefully some of you can shed light on this issue. I have observed that while doing energy generating exercises I feel tired afterwards when I should feel refreshed. For example, long deep breathing (dantien) makes me relaxed but does not energize me. More rapid forms of breathing have a more energizing effect on me, but nothing dramatic. It's almost as if when I'm doing deep breathing the harder I try the more tired I become. Why is this? The same is true after doing Robert Bruce's NEW system.
  3. Hola !

    I just wanted to say a quick hello and introduce myself. I am more familiar with Yogic/Indian style of development but I'm not stranger to Chi kung. I try to practice the 8 brocades in my daily regimen if I don't forget to do them. Anyway, this forum looks fun! And it's growing so fast. Can't wait to get in all the fun. gonzie2dope