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  1. all the talk of opening specific channels makes my head hurt; why not just practice from a state of easy perfection (no-grasping) and see what manifests as a result?? focusing on a resolution to a specific problem that doesn't involve a collapse of that error into formless perfection is inherently flawed since nothing in this whole wide world of form is real. love bobby
  2. Y'all be cray! Kunlun is "complete" ; whether that means full and perfect awakening and a breaking of the karmic wheel or a manifestation of one of the many formless forms or indomitable health or a pleasant and stable demeanor. Kunlun is "complete" whether you practice one breath exclusively... can only do i-jong... have an affinity for red phoenix.... drawn only to red dragon..... love the yin/yang palm ..... **provided** your intention is aligned with that (whichever goal you wish to realize) end. Kunlun applied with intention provides one helluva boost. That might be where people complain about speed. It may be valuable to know too that the pracitioner is solely responsible for the experiences they draw to themselves with these practices. It's all within your subconscious/concious beliefs and intentions. You are literally creating your world with your Mind; take some responsiblity for your manifestations and create something loving and beautiful instead! Every form max teaches eventually breaks down and becomes something like one breath. One breath, inherently formless, contains every circulation max teaches and all those he doesn't know. One breath is a surrender practice. All form *must* break down if you'd realize formlessness. If your vision is open, watch what energy flows and what shifts within "you" while doing one breath...... that one isn't just for relaxtion and grounding One breath eventually takes on a life of it's own. You gotta let go. I love max and diana. Ainter's gonna aint! love y'all. bobby
  3. guilt/judgement/fear/attack arise in situations of self & other. this is dualistic. with I/One/Love, there is sharing and this brings about recognition of innate kinship through the world of form. this also fosters responsibility for healing since all occurs within you. it is proper for guilt and judgement to fall away once there is no recognition of selves--- for what is there then to inspire guilt if all that you recognize is you and the relationships all these terms are based upon are predicated upon a distortion? form begs categorization and description. formlessness/perfected love will tolerate none. but--- recognition of formlessness/oneness in relationships brings with it the responbility for healing all that is fractured in your world upon you. there is no one else more worthy or capable of taking this work on than you. formlessness is perfected love and there can be nothing else. how can there be any trauma on this level of reality if you recognize and see and experience all separation as perfected love? from this awareness arises highest compassion. from this awareness, you are given the opportunity to systematically heal and correct all separation in your Mind. jesus mentioned once that he never healed anyone--- because he only ever corrected aspects of his own mind--- he recognized all others as Self/I/Is/One. Healing is then only ever done on yourself. the tendancy to defer responsibility for healing in a separated mind is great. it's always easy to lay blame on another and wait for someone else to remedy a situation/correct an error. but, by recognizing that the victim is you and thus your responsibility and that somewhere within your Mind are the roots of all conflict on this level of reality are healing momentums that generate some of the greatest shifts in Mind. the people and situations that make our lives challenging are aspects of our minds that are ripe for healing. nothing more. gratitude and love for our enemies/challenges/adversities heals the rifts in Mind that foster these conflicts. Oneness is not a cop-out. Oneness will bring one towards the dark night of the soul. duality is for sleeping. b
  4. and what is the connection between spirituality and material wealth?
  5. And yes, I did say prosperity is great fun. I also said abundance was the greater refinement. That which stems from perfected trust and surrender and is not based upon the quantity/quality of material goods you possess.
  6. So, you take chagrin with individuals without perfected character/virtue/love who none-the-less make use of spiritual modalitys/vehicles? Is that all?
  7. Am I the only one here who sees nothing wrong with making use of developing awareness and a clarified (clarifYING! ) mind to gentle certain lessons occuring on this level of reality by calling perfected love and light into things like prosperity and health? Does everyone else just enjoy really difficult lessons? What's wrong with an easier path? Every fractured/tumurous/stagnant relationship I see with mundane (and supra-mundane) things, I forgive and heal it until it's bright and gentle again. This process allows a thing like money to flow into your life. All external things are reflections of your mind. If you perceieve no conflict anywhere, then your practice is strong and complete. As long as you get anxious/fearful and are confronted with unpleasant scenarios, your mind is still healing. Your work and money and other material things are connected with this healing. Why avoid opportunities for healing and release? This doesnt mean you have to go out collecting millions of dollars (unless thats your purpose and it brings you ceasless joy and peace haha) Nothing in the world of form is real, whether that's money or karma or your jobs or "proper" use of Light. There is only Pure Formless Divine Awareness. This does not Judge for judgement is only possible with separation. If you feel guilty making use of "spiritual" means to draw abundance, joy, peace and prosperity towards you, then you are latching hold to the level of form, instead of recognizing all things as inherently formless and perfected and thus absent of your projections and distortions (like it being disrespectful to use Perfected Love to draw material things to you). Having great prosperity or using clarity/awareness to bolster business acumen can either strengthen your Highest Divine Purpose/path or diminish the road towards Purpose. That is where it begins and ends. How does a tool serve the manifestation of Highest Will... not whether or not the highest divine energies associated with a particular practice or phrase are judging your use of said tool. Prosperity is great fun. True abundance would be better. Gotta keep forgiving and letting go for that one. all the best. b
  8. Spirit Guides

    At the end of the day, it's all already over. We're all still one with Source. Linear time provides the illusion of lifetime after lifetime for the realization of this truth... but thats all. And we're "here", dreaming of form--- why not find joy too?
  9. Spirit Guides

    Hahaha yeaa, bro. We're on the same wave-length here. ALL experience provides a fertile ground for lessons---- but that takes a very specific sort of awareness and perspective in order to execute with consistency and effectiveness. When I was talking about demons/astrals------ I was speaking more directly against reaching out to those lower aspects of God for guidance. (These are all nuggets, Horus. Psyched to see a broader understanding of non-dualism actually being brought to bear in TTB. Mostly folks are just trying to figure out how long it's gonna take them to light pieces of paper on fire with their hands rather than actually returning to Source.)
  10. Spirit Guides

    Yup yup yup. Separation is over. The illusion of time (specifically linear time) exists to give aspects of individuated consciousness opportunities to remember its perfected, unclouded connection/union with Pure Source. So yes--- we are all the demons/astrals/ascended masters et al out there... but certain aspects of your mind are hipper to Truth than others.... save yourself some anguish by connecting with those aspects of Mind that remember and experience their perfect connection to Source and allow them to help you remember. Taking responsibility for what you see around you is important--- but that doesn't mean lower astrals and demons are gonna help you Return.
  11. Folks: Mind is everywhere and is Everything. Mind Is. Indeed.
  12. Spirit Guides

    I spent almost a year talking with astrals.... but it hooked up discernment. Eventually you'll get enough light in your field that they won't bother with you. I'd advise you always feel for love/benevolence in the guidance you're receiving. I'd also advise you reach out for Highest Divine guidance as opposed to simply guidance from spirit. Connecting yourself to Pure Source can do alot as well. Non-benevolent frequencies in your form and field can easily be cleared by various Highest Divine aspects. Just ask. Asking for gradations in guidance can be helpful too----- Highest and Best Good & Highest Divine Purpose yield different answers. It's all a trip. Have fun. balance.
  13. Mind-training and direct-inquiry can be accelerated by internal alchemical work----- which is generally what seems to be missing on TTB... that is, bolstering an alchemical practice with mind-training. Alchemical work provides potential and momentum, whereas mind-training provides proper direction. all the best. balance.
  14. Ken: To say you are as advanced as Max and atleast as advanced as Chunyi Lin---------- but can't tune into the fields of these really rad practitioners to see where you actually stand......... (Or where they do)? Where do you get off saying these things? I just dont understand you.
  15. How does "energy" fit into your practice

    Developing "energy" in practice is the development of potential. Potential finds application/expression with intention. Potential + (proper) Intention is dramatic growth/transformation. Certain practices develop potential/energy more quickly than others---- this allows for rapid-growth/shifting/changing. all the best. balance. **I don't understand the development of potential/energy simply for the sake of developing more potential/energy.