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  1. chopsticks vs forks your pick?

    a little off topic.. When adopting different philosophies into daily life, often the mundane can prove fruitful. The use of chopsticks to eat for is one that has a neutrality to it, much in the same way eating rice is neutral. Using a fork involves stabbing the food, which is an aggressive act that will alter the energetic make up of eating the food. Throughout far east Asia, i have experienced that knives and forks on a table are bad for the karmic principles around eating, let alone trying to stab an opponent across the dining room table etc. A little fundamental.. and totality irrelevant to the gong fu side of things.. Shanti.
  2. Healing a wart

    I've had a couple of warts over the years the first one was on my wrist perfectly in the middle, the only memory I have of this one is that I filed it off in wood work class, I can remember quite clearly the look of horror on the teachers face. Then about 4 years ago after the malnutrition of university, I had another new friend on my right hand ring finger. It lived there for about four years and was even sent to the doctor by the chemist to look at, because fluid had built up inside of it. When changing my living pattern, I decided that it was time to go and used the same piece of duct tape for about three weeks before having to change it daily for work. The wart slowly but surely began to shrink and for a time left a hole in my finger. By the time the wart had gone life had changed from living in a city famous for executing witch's, to the cool, calm safe land of Confucious. The tape worked, i just accepted that the tape had to stay and got on with whatever had to be done. The wart soon enough disappeared, as did the memory of it until now. Shanti p.s. warts are not virus's but little astral beings..
  3. Checking in..

    Ni Hao one and all. I've done time on the Dao spectrum of things.. The paths are all the same, the difference between them is in degree; not kind. Looking up at the peak of a mountain, there are ten thousand routes, forms names. They all reach the zenith at some point. Call it what you will. Wan Wai.. Ishta.. Nirvana.. -- .. --