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  1. New to Tao, and here

    Hello all. New here and since I've been meaning to get in touch with people knowledgeable, or in tune with, Taoism, this place seemed like a good community simply for how big it appears (and I also liked the name). About my experience with Taoism: I mostly was introduced to Taoism via Alan Watts and his great little book, "The Wisdom of Insecurity." I began reading that book in search of technique to help me handle my anxiety, and I'm pleased to say that his advice, which seemed seasoned by spirituality, about only concerning oneself with the present moment as it's the only moment we live in, worked wonders to alleviate my anxiety. Personally I was astounded by it because this is coming from someone who has consulted Western doctors, taken medication for anxiety and seen half a dozen professionals over the course of almost ten years to no avail, while Watts' simple little chapter seemed to do more for me than the sum of those ten wasted years of Western struggle. Needless to say, I'm interested now. Anyways, I'll be honest in saying I've joined this board in hope of more guidance, wisdom and practice. I haven't read any other texts directly to do with Taoism because I first wanted to talk with others about it. I still struggle greatly with depression and anxiety and I hope to find some wisdom in dealing with such if that's not asking too much of the forum.