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  1. Coffee. Good or bad?

    Yep, our body knows best what it needs, we should just learn how to listen to what it says and wants from us:)
  2. Coffee. Good or bad?

    Hey, do you have any experiences using this drug not only for stimulant purposes. I'm not a regular coffee drinker but lately I use it quite often. I feel it's good for purifying the toxins and headache... Vid
  3. Palmistry

    Hello, I'v just had two recent knife cuts on my left top phalange on jupiter (index) finger. Anybody has any experience with the meaning of particular hand areas. Thank you for your answers! Vid
  4. The collective consciousness...

    Haha, great:) Well what about this, it's a new movie coming up Heart chakra has a green glow. I think it's interesting...
  5. The collective consciousness...

    There may not be some noticable changes for everybody. It's like changing of the weather, not everybody feels it,but some do in bone aches, bladder, ... and the word "ray" is unnecessary and misleading. I think it has more to do with green color vibration in coleration with Nature.
  6. The collective consciousness...

    I've just had an interesting experience not long ago. Also I really think, something is about to change, not necessary dramaticaly, but surely in a good way.... It's not like we're being rayed from aliens or any of the 2012 nonsense:)
  7. The collective consciousness...

    I think it comes from within:)
  8. Hello! Anyone read it. What are your thoughts on the content?
  9. No sperm cells no energy?

    I see. I've also found a qualified teacher who has a degree from Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysic and was also a student of Wudanga You Xuande, who gave him the title You Li Shan. I hope that means something and he's not a con. Thank you!
  10. Wisdom Teeth

    I just got two of my wisdom teeth extracted last week. It's a very unpleasant procedure and healing process is quite painful indeed, but it has to be done in order to avoid further complications if you have smaller jaw and they can't grow out, or are angled, damaged or in bad shape. Otherwise there is no need to get them out if they are healthy and well maintained.
  11. No sperm cells no energy?

    Thank you all for the wonderful answers and sorry for the delayed answer (got 2 of my wisdom teeth extracted last week). I've decided to start with more basic stuff, for this book was really my first encounter with taoist practises, so yes, I am very green:) Anyway, I haven't ejaculated sperm for a month now (anybody else here practising the External locking: three fingers method?). It seems there are happening little changes: i feel more at peace, clearer thoughts, my taste sharpened - this may also be the result of me abstinating from any alcohol or tabacco. Really looking forward to learn and experience from this knowledge treasury - any more specific books you recommend for beginners? External locking: three fingers method 1. Locate The Point: Apply the pressure at the mid-point between the anus and scrotum. This point, which lies at the very bottom of the trunk, is a "door" through which energy enters and leaves the body. 2. Apply pressure: Apply pressure neither too hard or too light. The proper amount of force must be found with experience. Generally speaking, the stronger the finger tips, the less pressure needs to be applied to halt the fluid. Several seconds before the moment of ejaculation press the mid-point between the anus and scroturr with the three longest fingers of the right hand 3. Use Three Fingers: The passage through which the semen travels tends to slide away from one's fingers. Two fingers cannot hold the tube and block it at the same time. We use the second and fourth fingers to press both sides of the urethra and anchor it in place. Then the middle finger presses directly on the urethra itself, which doesn't slip away because it is pinned on both sides by the other two fingers. The fingers should be curved slightly. The middle finger is a little more bowed than the other two in order to provide a solid, even wall through which the fluid cannot pass.
  12. No sperm cells no energy?

    Dear friends! I'm hoping you could help me. While reading "Mantak & Maneewan Chia (1984) - Taoist Secrets of Love - Cultivating Male Sexual Energy" I bumped into one or two issues. 1. I've got my sperm checked and there are no sperm cells in it (not a single one). Otherwise it's fine, hormones are ok, everything else is normal but the fact that i'm not fertile. Is this a setback in doing this kind of exercises? Anybody with this kind of experiences? 2. Could this problem with fertility be solved in any way. I've had an operation when i was 5 or 6 years old because both of my testicles weren't moved down to sacks in a natural way so they did it operationally. I got my sperm checked when I was 18 (I was told here that my testicles were probably on the warm for too long and that they should operate me before I turned 5 years), now I'm 24. Thanks for the answers! "When you feel sexually aroused, this is your "ching" essence expanding at a phenomenally powerful rate. Your whole being is suddenly charged with new energy, your body fired with passion and your heart transfixed with desire. It's like turning on the light switch. Your entire world of touch and feeling is dramatically changed from night to day within seconds. This happens in men when they feel attracted to a woman because their hundreds of millions of sperm cells begin vibrating and generating a larger field of sexual electro-magnetic energy."
  13. Hello from Slovenia!

    Love to all you people!