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  1. New to Taoism.

    Thank you for your input!
  2. New to Taoism.

    very interesting.
  3. New to Taoism.

    Oh wow, So I actually have it correct. That is interesting, and I did it unintentionally. Odd. Yet it makes me think.
  4. New to Taoism.

    Thank you. To be honest I got it from a Tool song a while ago. The song "Lateralus". But then I actually did some more research into it, and it is really intriguing. And wow, I just realized. I got it backwards. It should be As Below, So Above. Oops!
  5. New to Taoism.

    Hey! First off, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Sean, I currently reside in Texas, in between San Antonio and Austin. I am new to this whole way of being. Actually I know little about it, but I am really interested. I just have no clue where to start. I have been lurking for a little while, just reading some topics. And I am still clueless. I would greatly appreciate some insight, and some direction to follow. I have been doing my own research for a few weeks now, and I ultimately have ended up here. To be honest I knew nothing of Taoism before stumbling across this webpage. And still I know very, very, very little. I came across this site, by watching videos about Lucid Dreaming on youtube. Again, if anyone would be grateful enough to point me in some direction. I know that this would probably be frowned upon, but honestly I have no idea where to begin. I understand that everyones path must be their own, or so I think. Allow me to thank you in advance for anyone who offers some insight. -Sean