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  1. Master Dong Yang Internal Sword

    According to this line of reasoning , it follows Jet Li has superior martial skills compared to Bruce Lee, since Jet Li was a "forms" expert having been All China Wushu champion 5 times in a row....whereas Bruce Lee...well he didn't really believe in forms did he? " .. . . . the technique of no technique?" Personally , to me the Tao means " the right and natural way of doing anything with minimum resistance resulting in powerful and virtuous action" . In Chinese lingo, when someone masters a technique or overcomes a great barrier eg. cooking, ballet, calligraphy, a new language or even math....the people utter " ....... so he has Dao" It follows achieving Dao equates to mastery over some skill. What is there to achieve in the Tao? Nothing and all depends on one's perception and attitude. If you choose to find nothing , you will.
  2. "a student of "John Chang" "

    Wow, you really call yourself a "Tao Master" ? Here's something for "neo" Taoists who think original unadulterated Taoism accepts reincarnation:
  3. immortality process

    Excellent more or less coincides with what my purely Taoist ( no Zen or Buddhism or religious Taoism) teaches says...the only diff is that all 3 conversion processes happen simultaneously....not sequentially. But there's seems to be no mention of sexual abstinence or dietary changes
  4. "a student of "John Chang" "

    Taoism, Buddhism, Hinduism ALL object to killing animals unless it is absolutely necessary. The strictest are Buddhism and Hinduism which require all devout practitioners to be vegetarians. Taoism allows animals to be intentionally killed for food or if attacked by the animal. These are the only conditions for killing animals. Also, whilst generic TCM sometimes involves animal parts, Taoist Traditional Chinese Medicine NEVER include animal parts. There are some people in this thread that talk like they have it all figured out. They believe what their teacher taught them represent the complete views and practices of Taoism. Caveat emptor.
  5. Thanks Oolong Rabbit for that: My own Taoist teacher, who shall remain unnamed at this point,says that authentic non religious Taoists generally avoid killing animals unless absolutely necessary....say for food or if threatened by that animal. Whilst Taoist generally have no restrictions about eating meat, high level practioners tend to be vegetarians as it makes the Internal Alchemy cultivation easier. Needless to say, ALL Buddhist will avoid eating meat if they are to comply with Buddhist dogma about not taking any sentient life. So if Mr. Verdeshi's "esoteric interpretation of Taoism" involves killing a bull...I would like to know why, and which branch of Taoism advocates that ? Is it Maoshan ?
  6. Thanks for that! I was beginning to feel that Admin needs to be objective and neutral and UNPREJUDICED Also thank you Oolong, yours is the first post that actually answers the question in this thread!
  7. Mr. Sean I am fairly new to this forum, and have read a bit about Mr. Verdeshi here and there on the I some background on his history. May I suggest that if this thread strays from the original topic, you lock it instead of deleting? That way no one can accuse you of not being democratic. That way we all have access to info up to that point. My questions remain genuine, and in need of answers....what are Mr.Vedeshi's feats ?
  8. I am in this forum and seek information in this it is not useful to refer me to another forum especially one that only accepts " teacher worshippers" Thank you , but I will stay in this forum. Also if you re-read my original question, I was asking for a description of Mr. Verdeshi's FEATS...not about his teachings, background etc etc
  9. Which " Sacred Immortal Master" are you refering to ? The question I posed refers specifically to David Shen Verdesi and him alone. Why is there so much fear of talking about things that need to be talked about? The questions were for information and clarification only, and contains no intent to offend. Is this a problem for you ?
  10. Master Dong Yang Internal Sword

    Ah, perhaps 'forms" is more important to you than feat .
  11. I wonder if anyone can offer some summarised information. There is a lot of discussion in the internet about Mr. Vedeshi, especially about his background and what he teaches and who his teachers are etc. But can someone please describe what demonstratable powers he has ? And please indicate whether this is "hear say " evidence or actual events anyone here have seen with their own eyes. Secondly, I have been told an ex-student of Mr. Vedeshi indicated he charges a lot for this true and how much is a lot ? Also is it true that one of the " rituals" practised by Mr. Verdesi involves animal sacrifice? Can someone clarify ? Thanks
  12. You are right that there are many permutations of Taoism and Buddhism. However, we can compare fundamental tenets of each system.In this thread we are comparing on the basis of Immortality and Longevity practices. The primary goal of early Taoist was longevity and physical immortality. The primary goal of Buddha was spiritual enlightenment. And there lies the most vivid difference. Also about Pure - Original Taoism, yeah you may have a point that we may not know what it is. However we can certainly say what it is NOT. Pure Taoism does not accept concepts of Reincarnation. In fact if one was to stick closely to the writings of Lao Tzu ( Dao De Ching and Hua Hu Ching) etc as well as writings of the Yellow Emperor.....that would be fairly close to what " Pure -Original" Taoism. Bear in mind Taosim goes back 3-4000 years, whereas Buddhism is only 2500 years old. Bear in mind that Buddhism has many ideas stemming from Hinduism, Buddha being Hindu first. Unfortunately many people subscribe to the belief of mix 'n match, the more paths the better. There is only one WAY and that way is Tao.
  13. Grand Trinity got it absolutely right about Buddhists ! Buddhists believe in reincarnation which contradicts any need for Physical Immortality. Ultimately after many progressive cycles of birth and death, they hope to reach Nirvana. Nirvarna is NON-EXISTENCE, when the 3 flames are extinguished. This is consistent with Buddhist doctrine that " Life is Suffering" Hence it makes sense for them to want to escape from this life. Buddhist look forward to death, because they want to be reborned into a "higher" lifeform ASAP. Many people equate Nirvarna with Paradise . But Paradise to a Buddhist means non existence, it doesn't mean pearly gates and heaven as many in the West would assume. A Taoist on the other hand believes in the following: Life is neither good or bad If you work with the Tao, life will be rewarding. If you don't move with the Tao, life will be suffering. Heaven , to a Taoist, is a place on and now, not in any "afterlife" By your lifestyle choices , you decide if earth is heaven or hell to you. There is only one life. If you die, you return to the earth as dust , your spirit fades into non existence as "shen" energy dissipates. This is why Taoist are focussed on longevity, immortality, because they have only ONE life, so they better protect it with Internal Martial Arts, Qigong, Herbs and Acupuncture, all of which were off shoot discoveries Taoist natural scientist made in the search for Immortality via Internal Alchemy and other pursuits. I'm sure many of you already know what I say, but I'm just stating it clearly for any newbies....hope it helps. Yes some branches of Taoism mix with Buddhist ideas ....Zen ( Chan) is an example...and they accept reincarnation. And this is where the source of confusion starts! Pure - original Taoism does not accept reincarnation concepts. Also Buddhist detachment and Taoist detachment are a bit different. Buddhist wish to detach from life ( as stated so well by someone else in this thread) Buddhist deny their bodies. Taoists want to detach themseves from illusions and any activity that consume their Jing, Qi and Shen....the 3 Treasures which they guard in order to extend physical life. They minimise desires, this is a similiarity with Buddhism. They do not deny the body. They protect the body and avoid doing anything "unnatural" like taking preservative laden foods or using too much unnatural technology ( non wu-wei). Also Buddhist monks are expected to beg for food ( alms) ( This seems a contradiction, they shun society but depend on society to support them!) Taoist are self sufficient and do not rely on charity. Many Taoists live in society and work in government ( Eg. Sun Tzu, The Art of WAr, was a military advisor, Lao Tzu was a royal archivist in the Emperor's library) Only 1 or 2 Buddhist groups, Nyngma ( spelling ?) believe in immortality. It is Tibetan in origin. It differs sharply from mainstream Buddhism ( Theravada and Mahayana streams)
  14. Hi From Sydney Australia

    Hi everyone, I practice BaguaZhang, some Xing Yi and Qigong. I am particulary interested in pure Daoist practice, Daoist lifestyle and diet and immortality. Im have a science background and so am also interested in Physics, string theory and how it might be related to Daoist metaphysics. In keeping with Wu Wei, I aim to use minimum effort to achieve maximum output in everything I do. I also try to recognise illusions and "detach"myself from them. I believe the richest man is one who has the fewest needs, not one with the most possessions. Am hoping to meet like minds here especially those from Sydney area. cheers. Nutting