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  1. The collected works of Blissmusic

    i completely understand what you are saying but personally i cannot feel that same connection with a computer or a man-made object. When I go outside and close my eyes and embrace a tree, as silly as it may sound the connection feels so much greater and intense I would recommend hugging a at least one tree a day haha
  2. What are you listening to?

    The Penalty by Beirut Acid Tongue by Jenny Lewis if you get a chance check em out
  3. Oliver, humanzee?

    haha i watched that too. the poor little guy was a more of just a spectacle. i think the whole hybrid aspect was just a way to exploit evolution for $$
  4. Optimist Creed

    You couldn't have put it any better
  5. poetry

    Jane and Poe underneath the mistletoe Babies breath and daisies; pine and ash Doves pecked the mutt as the Geo crashed A quaint serene cottage Now an apartment in Queens Monroe and vodka; endless dreams Tell me what you think/feel/dislike/anything For those of you who love to dig deep, be my guest. Thank you
  6. Hello

    Hi I'm somewhat new to Taoism, but i feel as if i've lived by the teachings my whole life. I live in a small town almost all catholic or athiest... I can't wait to meet others that i may have things in common with. Thank you for having me. p.s.- I love discussing politics, which is funny because i'm not associated with any groups. It interests and stays at that.