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  1. Still not getting Taoism?

    I am still not getting Taoism I have tried doing research on it but it seems technical to me and its difficult for me to understand. Can someone tell me simply what Taoism is all about and what I can do to become apart of it?
  2. The taoist diet?

    Increase intake of the following Whole grains and products made with them Vegetables (ideally organic and seasonal, stir fried or steamed, not boiled or eaten raw) Fruit (in moderation; not tropical; ideally dried or baked, and only what is in season) Seeds and nuts (roasted) Tofu and soy Herbs (although herbal usage is normally carefully prescribed) Chinese and herbal tea Decrease intake of the following Refined products (such as white sugar, flour, and bread) Artificial additives/preservatives of any kind Rock salt Deep fried foods Alcohol, tobacco, caffeine Certain meats such as beef, pork and lamb Certain vegetables such as spinach, potatoes, rhubarb This is what I read that I guess you could say it a suggested diet a Taoist should follow to have a better and healither body. Your thoughts on this?
  3. The taoist diet?

    Well for me the reasons why I am interested in it is cause from what I have read and so far from wikipedia it interests me its difficult for me to say the reasons why. But a reason I would say is to be apart of something that can put me on a path that I feel comfortable being on if that makes sense.
  4. The god(s) in Taoism?

    Well I just became apart of this forum recently and I so far don't know alot about Taoism which is why I asked the questions I did cause I wasn't sure if there was a god(s) in taoism.
  5. The god(s) in Taoism?

    I am curious who is the god in Taoism like if I am praying or something who would I be praying to?
  6. The taoist diet?

    So I been reading up on Taoism online and there was a thing about the diet of taoist. There was stuff that I needed to increase in eating and stuff I need to decrease in eating. If I need to be a Taoist do I really need to follow the taoist diet?
  7. Hello everyone

    Thank you all so far I just hope I get into this like I really hope I want to cause it seems interesting enough so far.
  8. Hello everyone

    Hello everyone my name is Ryan I am interested in Taoism but I am still new to it so I don't know that much about it. I hope while I continue being apart of this forum I will learn more about it and understand it.