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  1. Kunlun Book

    Sorry to resurrect a relatively old thread, but where would one find out more? Couldn't even find a second-hand copy of the old ones on ebay. :-\
  2. Wisdom Teeth

    I had two of mine removed a couple of years ago, because both were growing at about 45 degree angle towards the other teeth due to my small jaw. I'm not much on surgeries either, but not having them removed would've caused more problems later on. ;-)
  3. Bad Breath From Tea? Especially Green Tea?

    I think the biggest issue is the quality of the water rather than how the tea is prepared. I generally just boil the water in an electric kettle and pour it in a teapot right away for black tea and cover it with something so that it cools down slower, or in the case of green tea I let the boiled water sit for a few minutes and then pour it in the teapot. Considering I follow pretty much the same procedure both at home and at work, the tea I make at work tastes worse, because the water, even though filtered, just tastes very flat. By the way, I thought I remember reading something that suggested that tea is supposed to fix, not cause bad breath (by getting rid of the bacteria on the tongue or something like that).
  4. Intro

    Hello all. I discovered Tao and Qigong very recently and became quite fascinated with them. Currently reading as many books about the subject as I can get my hands on, as there is still much to learn. :-)