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  1. ORMUS

    1. Do they the annealing? As far as I know nearly no ones does this part as its to expensiv but from Hudsons description it was probably the most important. 2. Most people in the ormus group say the description from Hudsons patents isn't complete how do they know that it is the same method?
  2. Personal Mudra

    Is it only me or wasn't one of the main points in the documentation you are refering to that they have started to go more into public so their techniques won't get lost as the world around them has changed?
  3. ORMUS

    Plants, Animals and so on have a great variety of chromosome numbers. Reeves's Muntjac have also 46 chromosomes. To say there was a genetical manipulation because we have 46 chromosomes instead of 48 like other primates sounds to me like there was a genetical manipulation because we are not like the animal primates. Strange argument for me. Cant say something about the Annunaki or if the last two are fused but from the posted link it seems some animals have the same 2 sex chromosomes.
  4. ORMUS

    Imo at least 50% around ormus is more or less scam.
  5. What happens when you meditate?

    Concerning the "workout"/strengthening of memories by repetition:
  6. What happens when you meditate?

    It seems you are interpreting the chatter in ones head as a workout for the brain. The talking in the head uses just a smaller part of the brain and it is not necessary to remember or understand something.
  7. Lots of Phoenixes

    Ah thx, now I see what winpro07 was refering to.
  8. Lots of Phoenixes

    I haven't seen him posting this and I'm quiet sure he didn't as I don't know him any better than you. Mal, no offense but are you posting already around we are friends? You shouldn't do this in such an early and critical phase. Hehe, sorry I'm just joking around so cut the last two sentence. I'm from Europe so no we don't know each other. The Aaron I was refering to is around 14 year old and it was just a person I know with the name Aaron - no connection to Kunlun. That's why i placed the smiley there.
  9. Lots of Phoenixes

    First Steve now Aaron? I'm pretty sure we have never meet in real life and most probably not in another taoist forum. This is also the first account that I use to discusse more or less actively on TTB. So I would be extremely surprised if you would be able to guess my name. And no my name is neither Steve nor Aaron but I know of at least one Aaron if this helps.
  10. Lots of Phoenixes

    Not in my reality. 1. I never claimed to post an instruction or teaching anything or that anyone has teached me this. So no one can claim I was teaching or have instructed them wrongly. 2. The information I posted is already available in public. If I was able to find it everyone will be able to find it with a little bit of time.
  11. Repeated numbers in sacred geometry

    Imho one can easily cheat himself with a "strange its the same time again there must be a significance" mentality and your subconciousness will even help you with this. Nevertheless we aren't intending to throw the baby out with the bath water because of this or do we?

    Burning a CD/DVD is normaly straight forward - likely reasons with the given information for such an error are limited to the basics: His Notebook/PC isn't able to burn dvd's (or only dvd-r dvd+r but it seems he has tested both). The dvd has already content on it. He uses a software that doesn't support dvd or he selected something differnt e.g. create data-cd. If he uses a common software there aren't much other options left.
  13. Lots of Phoenixes

    I respect your opinion in this matter but don't agree currently. Nevertheless maybe I will remove some parts later. I haven't decided yet. You can ask them if they teach RP. I can't comment if Red Phoenix is needed but this is what someone posted: Kunlun opens the energy Red Phoenix directs the energy Red Dragon amplifies the energy So what do you think would have been different with a transmission? I have seen some posts from people with transmission of the kind: to strong for me - i will not continue until a longer period of kunlun basics - hard to think clearly with it running - shouldn't be taught in the beginning - its advancing to fast/running on its own - and so on. Sounds for me similar.
  14. Lots of Phoenixes

    Doesn't sound like it's the same practice: "Eva will also introduce the Red Phoenix Callisthenics System [...]" I have seen different interpretations for this number and stumbled also once over chaos. Some people interpret it as a number of fortune, number of christ, all possibilies, wealth and so on. Lots of possibilities to choose from. It seems with all the posts on TTB it is hard to find the right one. I have seen someone posting the same hint in an old thread but so far wasn't able to find the mentioned post with the complete description. Only complete Kunlun 1 descriptions. For RP there were mainly information pieces like - it is somewhat similar to third eye breathing - you don't take energy in from the outside just move it - no visualization only feeling the moving - move energie between two points in the head - activate third eye, center of head and top of head - and so on. Its like a small puzzle. I would appreciate it if you could hint the direction for the post you were refering to.
  15. Lots of Phoenixes

    Can you explain why it was in a inappropriate manner?