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    Santiago, I get it that you have a bunch of novices who treat you like a God or an immortal and that seems to be going to your head. Not sure if you spent any time cultivating virtue, if you did, it is not evident in the least bit in anything you write or how you conduct yourself here. Watch your waggling tongue before you dismiss respected teachers as nobody's and "mental". You claim Nan as "some" juice as though you know him in and out and can pass judgments on the fly. Why should one believe that some random Sufi names you throw around and the nameless lamas you boast have had juice or water or urine or whatever? Watch what you speak and how you speak. Stick to your kindergarten that you call KAP or TAP and stop throwing shit at respected masters. It would do you a lot of good to stop fixating on chi sensations and cultivate stillness - that may bring in some humility and virtue in you. And stick to KAP shit that you know and don't crap over everything and anything. Have you noticed how repetitive you are? You never have specific answers to any criticism other than shit throwing or throwing names of Glenn and Tom and Dick and Harry! Gelnn was not God, he just died like everyone else and so will you and me. So stop acting like you are going to last forever, show some consideration to people who are really really bored with your repeated shakti-claims and earn some respect rather than demanding it on the basis of who you've trained with. Your conduct here mirrors your attainment and Susan kissing your ass is no certificate. Drew my friend, you are not helping anyone by quoting a real master such as Nan here as people here don't want to see beyond Santiago. It is a disgrace to Master Nan to even mention him on this thread which is just a publicity gig for Santiago. And the more people write here, more of Santiago's tribe are going to be invited here to come and tell us what a God Santiago is and rant endlessly on KAP. So if there are others who are as irritated as myself about Santiago and his "extremely humility" here, just don't respond and ignore.
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    hi, another dissed KAPer, wanted to be quiet so far, not nay more