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  1. Sufism Here you go! Have a nice read! Luo
  2. Why Taoism is different

    I found something that perfectly elucudates my point (or points, rather) Read "The Modern Taoist Sage" under "Insights" In gasho, Luo
  3. Why Taoism is different

    Why it's different... I can't quite describe what I feel about it... it'; It's being the eye of the storm, centered while experienes swirl around you; you partake of them and yet they don't drag you into the game. The game remains...a game; and this Great Game is called... "Change"! yes folks, the Dance of Shiva or whatever-you-wanna-call-it; I recently decided to just call it Change (capital C). You know...there's a Something about Chinese thought that makes it special to me...even those silk paintings seem so...etheral and yet rooted in the earth we walk on. I became interested in Daoism and Neo-Confucianism relatively recently (4 months-5 tops) . Daoism has this feel of lightlyness around it; whenever I think "Daoist Sage' I picture this serene figure somehow doing a float-walk (walking and yet floating); not flying but not walking with that tone of thought and wories on his/her back...Clouds follow their course, seasons do the same. The Sage simply admires it all... this "all" being Change. i think my central atraction to this line of thought is Pu and Ziran. I never though of "religion" in such terms before..."Simplicity and Spontaneity"....the life-blood of all Change and hence, of existence (for the later IS the former). I'll think of some more concrete way to say this if possible, but for now...that's it.. Luo
  4. Greetings!

    Peace and blessings from Romania, my friends! I abruptly developed an interest in Daoism after reading "The Way of the Mysterious Dao" (author not-remembered) i.e. a compilation of some Daoist classics, each with its own introductory note and first of which was, ofcourse, the DDJ. Simple and supple... This was a few months ago. I've been doing my best to cultivate the principles espoused therein both in thought and deed (though truth be told I've been focusing on thought-processes more) and I really feel a difference. Basic background: Raised Catholic in a deeply faithfull yet non-fanatical environment (my great-grandfather on dad's side studied theology in Rome). A mother displaying a curious blend of sharp reason, unbending logic and mystical insight. (even I can't figure her out; anyone wanna try?). Seriously--my mum is the first Teacher I've had (and a darn good one too ). It's her fascination for the 2008 Olympics that got me into Chinese philosophy in the first place... Until 16--devoted to traditional Christianity, interested in comparative religion; In love with Tibetan Buddhist ideas of Compassion etc. 16-18--Gnostic Gospels come into the picture-->a need for re-evaluation; a 1-and-a-half year long dive into Islam due to a subconscious wish for a mental safety-net (i.e. the doctrine that the Bible IS holy but it was corrupted so let's just stick to the Qur'an, ok?). First meeting with Sufism on an in-depth level. First meeting with Mahatma Gandhi--VERY deep impression. 18-present: A realisation that books, no matter how holy CANNOT contain Truth in it's entirety; a period of slight lack of direction (not at a total loss but still...). First encounter with Zen Buddhism via an excelent book by a Japanese author ("The History of Zen in China and Japan--doctrine and practice" by Kaiten Nukaria). Enthralled by the vision espoused therein. Then I bought that book on the Dao... And have remained ancored in it's verses ever since Recently found I-Kuan Tao. Watched many episodes of the well-known "Kung Fu" seriesstaring David Caradine. (lovely show!). Studying Daoism's various aspects. In light, Luo