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    I think your post is simply an emotional outburst and it does seem to me that you did not bother to read my post entirely with an open mind. I also stated clearly that I have studied personally and through Skype with both Santiago and Tao. Can't think of a better example where grounding and some shamatha kind of practice would help And, I stated my experience as someone asked for it. I totally agree if someone disagrees with me, but I don't care as I have made my point. I deeply appreciate Santiago for the nice guy he is but I have had this burden on my chest for a long time now, as though I have been faking an orgasm with the love of my life. It felt necessary to finally express what I really thought about KAP and not doing so seemed to go totally against everything my Rinpoches stood for. I've done that and don't care to explain myself further. To each their own Good luck and blessings to all.. Namo Amitabha
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    What an awesum coincidence Scott! I got mine delivered today as well. I went in for a refurb, and hope it functions well Let me compare notes after a day or so with you. And thanks for writing about it, I was always looking for something like this but didn't know of it till you wrote about it here
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    Hello and metta