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  1. Chi Nei Tsang (again)

    So I've just been having a quick read about chi nei tsang and it sounds really good. I've been suffering from problems with my digestive system and also my neck/shoulder for quite some time now and I'm wondering if this might be a valuable thing to investigate. Does anybody know of any practitioners in Adelaide or Melbourne? How useful is the self-massage technique? Thanks Kat
  2. 2008 Resolutions!

    I don't have on particular resolution for 2008, but I did manage to think of 6 goals I'd like to achieve. 1) Start tai chi classes in February. 2) Devote more time to meditation. 3) Work hard at uni and maintain my distinction average. 4) Have my first ever white Christmas - Scotland or England. 5) Organise and plan a big family reunion (and convince mother that it is a good idea). 6) Sort out my diet issues and get on the right track to becoming healthy again! (I guess this should be higher in the list...) Wishing you all a happy, joyful and fun 2008.
  3. Real Daoism

    A fascinating interpretation and a most interesting read, thank you. =)
  4. living organisms

    Thanks minkus, that's pretty much what I had in mind when I was writing that =)
  5. Charity

    I collected money from my friends and family and bought a cow for my 21st birthday this year through this Australian charity - http://www.usefulgifts.org/ This caused much hilarity amongst my peers =)
  6. living organisms

    I don't think we're a virus. We evolved on this earth just like all the other organisms. Viruses don't exhibit the same characteristics of life that other organisms do.
  7. living organisms

    I realise this is not an original thought, however it's something that has being milling around in my brain recently and I decided that I should attempt to express what I was thinking. Within each of us there are billions of living cells, each one made up of a variety of organelles. Each cell and each organelle has a specific purpose that it was made for. At the beginning each cell originates in a similar way and as they mature they differentiate and take on their own role; their reason for living perhaps? Some of these cells have a role in defence. They recognise foreign molecules and attack. Sometimes, but rarely, they attack "self" molecules: they generally only neutralise molecules that they do not recognise as belonging to the individual. Our bodies also consist of a lot of other materials as well - water, protein, fat, minerals and so on... It occurs to me that our planet is simply a massive living organism. All of the individual living organisms - cells - that make up this earth originate from a common source and as they mature, over however long, they differentiate and take on an individual, specific role. A reason for being, whatever it may be. Humans are simply one type of "cell" within the greater body. We all originate from the same place and we are all recognised by the body as "self". None of the living organisms on this planet are recognised as "foreign" in the sense that they do not belong to the self. There are no wars within a person's body. Each of the cells lives and continues alongside the others in harmony. Each "knows" it's place and purpose and simply does it. Some cells live a very short time and others live a lot longer. In the course of one person's life their cells are replaced a multitude of times. Just as everything in the body has it's purpose, everything has it's time. Why then do humans feel the need to conduct wars against other products of the self? Why do humans feel the need to consume other products of the self? We all originate from the same source and we all have the same basic needs, just as each and every cell in our bodies does. Why can we not coexist in harmony alongside the other products of the self that surround us?
  8. Weird balance

    Thanks for the suggestions - I'll give this a go next time I meditate =)
  9. Weird balance

    Thanks for your replies. I sit on a meditation stool that was given to me, with my legs tucked underneath and knees on a pillow. I find this much more comfortable than sitting on the floor cross legged or in a chair. As for the actual practice, I'm currently practicing with mantra meditation (internally that is, I get distracted by saying it out loud) and also just concentrating on breathing.
  10. Weird balance

    OK, so I'm quite new to meditation. I'm struggling a bit to say the least, but that's OK, I realise that I have to persist to get anywhere with it. My problem (if you can call it that) at the moment is that when I meditate I feel seriously off balance. My right side (which is dominant) is much heavier than my left side. It feels quite uncomfortable sometimes, almost like I'm going to topple over. Anybody got any suggestions as why this might be, or how I might be able to change it? Thanks!
  11. thankful

    That's a nice way of looking at life =) I might just borrow that and repost it.
  12. donating blood

    Blood cells don't stay in your system for very long, only a few days usually. They're constantly destroyed by the liver and new ones are made by bone marrow, so your body actually has a constant supply of "new" blood.
  13. OT: Help Children Get a Computer

    It's a lovely idea! I hope lots of people get on board and help out.
  14. Fast-5

    I'm definitely interested in the Fast-5 diet, since it's my opinion that I eat far too much and far too often. However, the thought of skipping my morning sugar boost (i.e breakfast) sort of freaks me out a bit. I can handle skipping breakfast when I'm at home doing nothing, or at uni studying, but often I'm working at a hospital from early in the morning. I'm usually going non-stop from 7am until lunchtime and I find that I get very very hungry in that time. If I skip breakfast it gets a whole lot worse - headaches, cramps, general cranky-ness etc. I seriously don't think I could survive an entire shift with no food intake.
  15. Why Diet is a Personal Thing

    Sounds fascinating and seems to make sense as well! I'll have to look a bit more into it once my current elimination diet is finished. Thanks.