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  1. drew/utopia/nwo

    I wana believe the guy and i find myself doing so but I guess im just paranoid when it comes to nwo stuff, like dono who's legit and whos working for someone. You seem to think hes legit so that helps. edit: listening to a radio chat of him atm and he says hes had attempts on his life("break lines cut"). I cant imagine one of the people wanting him dead failing at it. edit: Now hes saying that "we graduated from the need of the nwo elite running the show....the derivative system/ponzi scheme of international bankers being ripped apart, because the other countries are tired of playing the game, they now have more power now" also he apparently talks to jordan maxwell on a personal level...not sure how i feel about that. All sounds kind of fishy to me but then again lao tzu comes to mind "He who saves will suffer heavy loss." perhaps you could apply this as well *Do you think you can take over the universe and improve it? I do not believe it can be done. The universe is sacred. You cannot improve it. If you try to change it, you will ruin it. If you try to hold it, you will lose it.*
  2. drew/utopia/nwo

    Any thoughts on David Wilcock?
  3. drew/utopia/nwo

    What do you guys take on this guy and his videos? I topiced drew to get his attention because if i remember he researches this stuff and even has a blog on it. http://www.youtube.com/user/soundlessdawn#p/a/u/1/XBL3LkAyrNU (i recommend everyone watch a hand full of them befor drawing a conclusion)
  4. "Holigral"

    I just discovered this http://www.holigral.net/ know this guys that swears by it, looks promising , thought id share tryin to find out about U.S. courses but cant find any.
  5. Avatar (the movie)

    WOO just saw it, great movie
  6. Real elixir of life

    "This is the cure-all that will destroy the pharmaceutical industry" I call bullshit Prince i think its good your opened minded, but I'm worried it might get the best of you.
  7. Taoist Philosophy

    "Where can I find a man who has forgotten words? He is the one I would like to talk with."
  8. Meditation driving me nuts

    http://diydharma.org/alan-watts-teaches-me...tion-alan-watts boom
  9. Don't know where to go

    lol i seem to be making a habit of this but I found these so personally helpful ima link em again... http://www.nonduality.com/asmi.htm (thx again zazaza ) and http://www.weiwuwei.8k.com/ Also as someone mentioned in another post not too long ago check out Alan Watts. Theres plenty of you tube videos of him aswell. Maby youv already been familiar with all of the above but to be sure. Dono really know what to say about zaza's and blasto's replies lol. I'm personally glad i tried weed and alcohol but definitely would'nt recommend getting as attached to them as i did.
  10. MT

    Black Moth Super Rainbow http://www.last.fm/music/Black%2520Moth%25...ac=black%20moth good sober, amazing high
  11. Still not getting Taoism?

    For me when i started reading Tao Te King I would basically read it, maby ponder on it in different ways but I always seemed to try to apply it to past experiences. That's what helped me mainly at first. You could try understanding them in lucid dreams, I'v only had one lucid dream and am starting to work on them again but they are superposed to be good for problem solving and what not because when you are dreaming your conditioned logic is thrown out the window. If you smoke bud , that helped me one night(think most people on the forum would disagree tho). Believe the tao talks about everyone having their own path, try to stay open to yours. Maby your over thinking it? Like they said simplicity is good. anyways heres some links you may find interesting http://www.weiwuwei.8k.com/ http://www.nonduality.com/asmi.htm Iv kinda merged Taoism with them. and this is the Tao translation that i use and is suposed to be pretty accurate http://home.pages.at/onkellotus/TTK/English_Feng_TTK.html
  12. You may like Japans's "go" if you dont already know about it.
  13. acid/LSD question

    Sarnyn, thx for the replies, definitely informative. Also, im definitely gonna look into those Vipassana retreats. One isnt in my state but states near me at least (i dont think they pay for your travels ? lol). Also im gonna do my damnest to start eating better and doing some exercises. Even if that means my diet consist of a can or 2 of tunafish a day with some pineapples. Iv already been working on my meditation, and the exercises before it definitely seemed to help.
  14. Sereda's Quantum Communication doc

    Just finished part1, I couldnt help but think about how the "elite" want to lower population levels, and that would be a good reason why. Less division of power maby?
  15. acid/LSD question

    If i dont have the money to eat properly what makes you think i have the money for a retreat? I'm glad everyone is trying to help but hardly any seems to pay attention to my disclaimer at the start of the post or the reply i made reiterating it. I grew up with D.A.R.E. and a drugy mom, I used to demonize drugs as a young teen. Sence then iv tryed a hand full of stuff and almost ODed on cocain being reckless with it. I have had several friends that have done acid that i could do it with. ATM im straight edge and mainly want to explore its possibilities . Anyways maby its my fault for not being clear enough >>> I don't want D.A.R.E lectures. <<<< Anyways iv already gotten a really good link from what i can tell should i decide to try it, cuz lol atm i dont even have the 10 dollars it takes. So, yeah this post had a good run, thx *everyone* for their replies. Peace and luvv maaan