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  1. Hello, I'm here to enlighten me, to help you.

    Hi there. Glad to have run into your post. I'm looking for someone to talk to about Taoism myself.
  2. hi im a buddhist

    Hello there. I have heard that Buddhists (if you are one. Yes, I read what you posted ) get along famously with Taoists. I think you will be fine here. ^__^
  3. Hello All!

    Hello there. Welcome.
  4. I am a new member. I have studied Taoism for almost 3 years now. I only officially converted (if you want to call it that) last month. I am looking for someone to talk with about these beliefs and ideas. I want to expand on what I have learned and continue my de-education. If anyone wishes to strike up a conversation, I am here. Just drop me a line.