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  1. Infinity Energy in Macau

    It is now one year and eight months since I have had this energetic awakening. I practice with the energy everyday and it is stronger than ever. I need nothing to start it up except my awareness. I did some more research online and found that this initial awakening was an awakening of CHI. During my research I also discovered some videos and writings on KUNDALINI energy, which is a tightly coiled ball of energy located at the base of the spine. When this energy awakens, it rises like a serpent up the spine and clears energy blockages. I received an awakening of my KUNDALINI energy not long after my first posting on this board. It is similar to my CHI energy, but it travels in a different way. I'm still not experienced enough to describe the difference though. I guess I could say that the difference is in how it physically feels. While they seemlessly blend together, it feels like the kundalini is more inside and the chi is more outside. I'm still trying to understand it, and I have to admit that it's a beautiful mystery to me. I have been going through a full blown kundalini awakening, which affects me physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It's not always an easy ride. Awakening can be painful as well as ecstatic. The kundalini releases energy blockages caused by emotional traumas. Some traumas are very deep, so I have some pretty painful blockage releases. Painful emotionally and physically. But what I read about the process through other people's experiences is that it is a cleansing. And that it gets better and more ecstatic. It is the process of the lightening up of my heart. Clearing block after block, lifting veil after veil, filter after filter, all the layers until I'm so light I can fly... That's the dream and the hope. With such few responses in the taobums forum, it seems as though there is not much interest on the subject here at this time. And so this will be my last posting here. However, I want to clearly state that the energy is stronger than ever before. I feel that it will be with me forever, as it only gets more intense with practice. 2CB was the entheogen that initially awakened it in 2004. Since then, psilocybin mushrooms or sex would awaken it. LSD is the entheogen that completely awakened it this last time in 2009. However, NO ENTHEOGEN IS NEEDED ANY LONGER. What I believe happened is that a filter was removed with the use of entheogens. It's as if a gate opened. I am glad that it happened. My life is much richer now. If anyone is interested in having a kundalini awakening without the use of an entheogen, it is possible to have one given to you through a process called SHAKTIPAT. Shakti is the divine energy and pat means to transfer. So it is a transfer of divine energy from one person to another. It may sound unbelievable, but you can get shaktipat by simply reading about it or seeing it being done to someone. I got shaktipat on youtube by watching others receive it. Of course I had already gotten a head start with the entheogen awakening my chi. When I saw the physical result of the people who had received it, I also started to feel the physical feelings of receiving the shakti energy. I simultaneously received shaktipat while watching videos of others receiving it! All you have to do is look on youtube for shaktipat... There are also kundalini yoga breathing exercises created for the purpose of awakening the kundalini. Just look up kundalini yoga awakening on youtube. Good luck and many blessings to all who wish to embark on this journey! Infinity Energy in Macau
  2. Do Drugs help or hurt your search for enlightenment?

    "This is probably one of those things where no real debate is possible since neither side will change their minds much like on the topics of abortion, war, execution and other hot button issues." Thank you for for revealing where you stand by comparing the subject of drug use to the above topics.
  3. Infinity Energy in Macau

    74 days later, I am still in touch with the energy. However, I have discovered that I am just as sensitive to it when under emotional duress as when I am very happy. In fact, the stronger the emotion, the stronger the magnetic pull of the field. Still going strong. And I discovered that I am not the only one.
  4. Infinity Energy in Macau

  5. Infinity Energy in Macau

    Yes, this is what I've been experiencing every day since my last trip. Now 26 days later ( and NO psychedelic use )the magnetic energy is still with me. I play with this energy every day, several times a day for a few minutes at a time and it is getting more familiar. Yes, the next time you go shrooming I highly recommend that you try to play with your energy. For me, deep breathing is very helpful in getting it started. Also, looking at sacred geometry is a good way to get it started for me. The flower of life is my favorite. If you can get it going, then play with it as much as you can so that you can remember these sensations as fully as possible when your trip is over. Then, the next day try to feel it the energy again. If looking at sacred geometry helped to start the patterns when you were on your trip, look at it again. I am interested to hear what happens, if anything! Playing with this magnetic energy field is very much like dancing with a partner. I am a ballroom dancing enthusiast and the feeling is very similar to when I am the person who is NOT leading. The challenge for me is to let the energy lead my arms, hips or neck through the infinity patterns. It can be tricky when I start to go too fast and swing with the inertia. When I get to this point and realize that I am LEADING, I stop and let my arms hang by my sides and start all over again. In my discovery of what this energy can be to me I am also using my voice. I am a trained singer and know how to make my nasal cavity and my head and chest ring and buzz with sound vibration. I have found information on sound vibration and how different notes correspond to different chakras. I take a deep breath and sing a note and hold it for as long as I have breath in my lungs. Then I immediately take another breath and start all over. There are certainly notes that feel better than others. As I continue to sing and play with this energy, I'm sure that more answers will come. In the 26 days since I have tapped into this energy field I have wondered if I will wake up one day and not feel it. So far it is only getting stronger. I am starting to believe that I will be able to tap into this energy from now on. For the rest of my life, hopefully. It feels very good!
  6. Percieving Energy

    YES! I have been tapped into this energy for many days in a row now. It feels like a magnetic force that pulls my arms, head, hips and even my eyes into an infinity pattern. I started a topic in the lobby section of this website. It is called Infinity Energy in Macau. Please read and reply if you have also experienced this energy!
  7. Infinity Energy in Macau

    Hello, In June 2008 while on an LSD trip I was looking at a large flower of life tapestry which was hanging on my wall. A strange sensation started to fill my arms and they started to rise on their own. I continued gazing on the flower of life and became extremely happy. My arms raised up as if I were a butterfly, floating through the air. The arm movement was in the shape of an arc. My arms stayed in the high arc position for as long as I could let them, which was for about 10 minutes at a time. Even though I walked away from the tapestry, as soon as I returned to it, my arms would rise up in this arc. It felt good. The same thing happened again in the handful times that I have used LSD since then. I have used other sacred geometry images as tools which have also helped to trigger this sensation. My last LSD trip was November 4, 2009. Again, I felt the sensation but this time I was able to relax more and let my arms start to move more. They were moving in an infinity pattern. My hips joined in. Again the joy filled my heart. It really feels like falling in love and is a wonderful sensation. The next day, November 5, I listened to part of a lecture of Nassim Haramein on the human energy field. He had an animation of a double taurus which he said is what this field looks like. At this point a light bulb turned on in my brain. This was the shape of the energy that I had been feeling! I stood in front of the sacred geometry poster that had triggered the movements the day before. I got a really happy feeling in my heart and magically my arms started to move on their own! Obviously I still had some LSD in my system from the day before but at this stage I was definitely NOT TRIPPING. I completely let go of my physical control and my body moved in glorious infinity patterns. Now it is November 20 and I am still tapped into this energy. Through playing with this energy and feeling it's magnetic pull, I discovered that it is as high and as wide as I can reach. The infinity patterns that my limbs and head and hips make vary in size. I can make my hands float up and down in the pattern depending on which way my palms are turned. My arms can move in the same direction creating one infinity pattern or separately, creating two patterns. Likewise my head can create a third. I practice every day, multiple times a day for a few minutes at a time. I also combine my singing with this movement and it is the most wonderful feeling of love and excitement that I can actually physically feel in my heart. It is a physical energy that is vibrating at the center of my chest. It feels great. I have also realized that a certain martial arts exercise pattern that I learned many years ago is what my body is naturally doing. It is called the tai chi ball. You put your hands into the shape of a ball and move them in an infinity pattern moving from your left side to your right side. Your hips also move simultaneously with the hands. That exercise makes so much sense now! The difference between then and now is that all those years ago, it was ME - MY deliberate muscle movement that was moving my body in the infinity pattern. NOW, it is the energy wave that moves my body. It is this particular exercise that I do the most. My energy field is stronger than ever and I can tap into it at any time. I have been doing some internet research and yesterday I discovered the human assemblage point. Using an online step by step guide, I looked for my assemblage point. I located it on the right side of my chest, just above my breast, and close to my sternum. I used my index finger to press into the recommended places in my chest muscles. The way I knew that I had located my assemblage point is that my hips would move in the infinity pattern more slowly the farther away from the point and faster when I was touching the point. Unlike the step by step guide indicated, this point did not hurt when I pressed it. Neither did I feel any energy traveling from my chest and out of my back. However, in the 24 hours that I have discovered this point it is certainly more tender than ever because I have been so enthusiastically massaging it! I have been looking on search engines for anyone who has described the EXACT sensation I have been feeling. THE MAGNETIC PULL THAT LIFTS MY ARMS AND BODY WITHOUT ME EVEN TRYING. The infinity patterns. Is anyone else out there?