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  1. 8 Peices questions

    I started doing the 8 pieces of brocade, just about every day, maybe a year ago or more. Started with just a few reps, seemed to really benefit the healing of a rotator cuff injury and i have been adding reps. Currently up to 24 for pieces 1 thru 5, 16 for pieces 6 and 7 (saw some sources that recommended fewer reps for those) and 24 reps again for the eighth form. My questions are, whats the maximum reps that are beneficial / recommended? and should i do less for forms 6 and 7? how much less? Thanks
  2. hi im a buddhist

    i do a chan buddhist practice, a huatou. i have read the ttc a few times - i like the mitchell translation best. not sure if taoism and buddhism are aiming at the same thing, but the tao is good with me EDIT: actually id like to amend that - not really sure im a buddhist - not sure if thats important or what it means anymore, however i do a chan buddhist meditation practice.
  3. Im starting meditation

    I don't think you can go wrong with the instructions here http://www.cloudwater.org/index.php/ch-an-...how-to-meditate . also zen mountain monastery has some good beginers instructions. what ever you decide on as a method, dont judge yourself harshly when your attention wanders or you have alot of stray confused thought. relax be kind to yourself. my teacher tells beginners that there are only two things to do, stay (on your concentration object) and return. as long as you are doing those 2 things you are doing it right. i also liked suzuki's comment that "thoughts come in the front door and go out the back, we dont invite them for tea