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  1. Becoming a professional healer

    Lot of shitty healers out there....not a lot of good ones. Time and Effort makes the difference.
  2. "Money doesn't change you. It only amplifies what's already present within. For better or worse." Ed Latimore Apply this same principle to energy cultivation. Make a direct and longterm effort of working through your baggage.
  3. Weird Web Radio

    Just finished listening to Aidan Wachter on this podcast and enjoyed it supremely. If your into magick then you'll definitely dig the discussions on this podcast.
  4. What are you watching on Youtube?

    Thunder God.
  5. Scarlet Imprint: Occult Literature

    Some interesting texts here:
  6. The Advantage of Evil

    Suffering is an amazing teacher....perhaps the best in existence.
  7. Anyone willing to share the Hidden Secrets

    Practice everyday as if it were your last. This intensity will take you to wherever you desire to go.
  8. Hello from the north

    Welcome to TDB. Cool name.
  9. What are you watching on Youtube?

    I felt this video down to the core of my Being. Tucker is putting out a lot of MC energy. Good shit.
  10. Spring Forest Qi Gong and More

    Chunyi Lin interview and a video of the basic foundational exercise of the system.
  11. What are you watching on Youtube?

    Always get a few man tears.