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  1. I am a healer. PM me if you'd like some help.
  2. Getting things done?

    We all process energy in different ways. Personally i find that my mind has a tendency to synthesize data from whatever i am toying with until i have a decent intellectual framework. Though the most important thing to moving with the flow of the DAO is daily practice of internal methods.
  3. MCO have you opened it, how did you know

    There are many practices meant to develop and open the MCO. You have to do the practice.
  4. hello from denmark

    Welcome to TDB.
  5. Sex & Magick

    2 Important Rules of Thumb 1. Only merge with people whom are energetically aligned with you...different people have different energetic natures. Some are complimentary to you others are not. Discriminate energetic qualities. 2. Avoid merging with people with stinky chi. Not healthy.
  6. Hi

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  7. Hi

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  8. Hello I am a new :)

    1. Depends on your nature as an individual. People have different elemental compositions (Water, Fire, Earth...etc) and as a result they will gravitate towards certain techniques which reflect there innate qualities. See which methods you gravitate towards and then reflect on that connection. By doing this you can gradually form some semblance of what natural strengths you possess. 2. Eat healthy food filled with chi (Organic), get adequate sleep and don't waste your energy (porn, parasitic relationships, emotional drama...etc). 3. No. Sacred sex is lovely. 4. Sacred Sex. 5. I started learning from a dvd for the first few years and received enormous benefit. It's what got me started on the path. Did i do everything correct? No, but i got my first taste of chi and the benefits of cultivation which propelled me onward. Trust your intuition. 6. No clue. Do research. Research systems (be aware of potential con artists) thoroughly and if you find someone whom you like and has a good reputation but can't yet meet in person then get a DVD or perhaps find some other way to find out the basic methods and practice on your own (research thoroughly, this forum can help you do so). -Hope this is helpful and best of luck navigating the cultivation world.
  9. Hi im bill newbie

    Welcome to TDB. Indeed, the TaoBums is the 4th Taoist Treasure.
  10. Hello all

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  11. Hi, sometimes feel heat in my hands

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  12. My name is Brante Farrell

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  13. Hey guys

    Masculine Core Breathing. Just made a post about this actually. Welcome to TDB.
  14. One thing i thought coming back to mention. The mudras tend to change. As you work them more and more your channels open further. As a result the shape your fingers wish to hold shifts. Rather than using the mudra it's more useful to just focus in on the Masculine Core and breath into it like you'd breath into a chakra or the LDT. This activates the center and cleanses this sphere. You can then access those powers within yourself that society endlessly feeds you false narratives about. See for yourself the True Essence of Masculine and Feminine expression.. Doing this daily is a very empowering and a great way to get in contact with this aspect of our Being.
  15. New here

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