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  1. Took KAP 1...though they don't really talk about those things in that class. I have read Path Notes at-least a dozen times though.
  2. Welcome to TDB. You might say that the study of the Tao is 5% intellect and 95% spiritual practice.
  3. Welcome to TDB. Sounds like your off to a good start. The secret-ultimate key to receiving the benefits of cultivation is daily practice. Cheers.
  4. Welcome to TDB.
  5. If you'd like some help i can make a few energetic adjustments from a distance to help smooth out the flow of energy in your body. Let me know.
  6. Welcome to TDB.
  7. Stephen Watson and his teacher.
  8. 99% of the time yes....i have only seen 1 or 2 modern taiji players who were true warriors. They all had old school fucking killer teachers.
  9. Hi.

    Welcome to TDB. Energy work among many other practices can all be a path to self-realization. What's important is the intent with which you approach your studies. Best of luck.
  10. Another cool looking occult publisher.
  11. I can make some energetic adjustments to your Microcosm that can help smooth out the process for you. Let me know if your interested via PM.
  12. Welcome to TDB.
  13. Cool name and welcome to TDB.
  14. Welcome to TDB. I have no experience with ausar except for some of there recent marketing attempts they made on this site. That being said it does seem a bit dodgy. If i were just starting out i'd go with Flying Phoenix, we have a several instructors of the system on this site and a very long long long thread in which you can ask questions and receive open answers. Cheers and link below.