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  1. Help me where to start.

    This is a basic but powerful qigong movement. Practice 45 minutes per day.
  2. Hi

    Find a good system of Qigong and practice daily.
  3. Why practice baseball? If you wanna get good at baseball you practice. Same thing with cultivation. Cultivation is about growing yourself as a human being. We are not static beings. With the correct amount of sunshine, soil and water we can turn into great and powerful trees. Cultivation is the kind of effort that gets you rarely happens on its own...intent is required.
  4. Apech's post is excellent. I'd add that developing tension in the solar plexus is very common and something that cultivators gradually work through (think years of daily practice).
  5. Experimented with a LOT of different methods for handling sexual energy. These 2 aversion to the top over time. Simple but powerful. 1. Emptiness Meditation 2. Kali Mudra I use both on a daily basis.
  6. Dao primers?

    Practice Qigong daily.
  7. What are you watching on Youtube?

    Important key for cultivation.
  8. How can I redirect/transmute my sexual energy?

    If you'd like a could do a bit of distance healing that might help with your situation. Let me know. -Welcome to TDB.
  9. Can We Know Truth?

    3rd Eye Cultivation.
  10. Consistency is key. Practice breeds skill in cultivation. At the same time its good to know when to take a break and allow the internal wiring to cool down and integrate....this is currently something that i'm training.
  11. Newbie looking for clarifications

    Would stay away from Mantak Chia....much better, safer and clearer systems than his. -Welcome to TDB.
  12. I would not recommend that will not likely kill you but possibly lead to instability. Simply practicing emptiness meditation will naturally create a kind of energetic gravity that will draw sexual energy upward and alchemize it. -Welcome to TDB.