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  1. Anyone hear from Satan?

    apparently this: correct if wrong: christ= light of the world, satan= adversary & shaitan= darkness-hence the term "antichrist"; allegorically, light denotes awareness & darkness denotes ignorance. an interesting book: - argues that the new testament is a manual of "multi-dimensional" physics & psychology (these apparently being inseparable) expressed in allegories pertaining to that particular time & culture. if i'm not mistaken, egoic nature is comprised of cravings & aversions (& the various frustrations thereof)& has it's roots in ignorance... it's interesting to read the sixth verse of the sixth chapter of the book of romans (sixth book of the new testament) whilst replacing the term "sinful" with that of "egoic"- makes the book of revelations seem like a book on internal alchemy that describes an eventual psychological apocalypse & spiritual rebirth for the practitioner...(as for the sword wounding the beast in the head which subsequently heals itself(sword representing willpower), haven't you ever attempted to try and overcome any of the various aspects of your own egoic nature, only to have them seemingly resurrect themselves later?) for the sake of practicality(assuming that any of the above is actually true of course), it's probably best to say that "the greatest feat of ignorance has been to convince people that it doesn't exist...especially within themselves..."
  2. Chi into Shen

    I thought standing, Tai Chi, Qi Gung & martial art in general were for raising & circulating the energy so that energy, channels & body may be conditioned, as well as to learn to control & direct the different energies in different ways; whereas sitting was mainly for collecting, refining, & compressing these energies(?).
  3. Physical effects of standing meditation

    Is that several hrs straight, or several sessions throughout the day?
  4. Loneliness

    Loneliness is simply the false perception that one is alone in the universe. It's root cause is ignorance which is gradually alleviated through proper training.
  5. Advice in 20 characters or less

    Study Chinese health concepts.
  6. Books!

    Here's a link for a free Autogenic Training Course:
  7. Inner Power, Tenaga Dalam

    I haven't gotten the Tridaya course yet, & the little booklet for the level 1 exercise says "Siu Lian" on the cover, & is an extremely rigorous isometric/breath retention exercise. And I haven't found any practice material on the second. Here's another link btw, for a pdf:
  8. Inner Power, Tenaga Dalam
  9. Does Anyone Practice Wing Chun?

    I haven't seen the vids on the 2nd link, & of the 3rd I've only seen Master Wong's.
  10. Just scroll down a little:
  11. #1 Free Magick Course

    For those who might be interested:
  12. Why do you practice?

    Originaly, to learn how to cripple & kill with the least amount of effort . Then, to command spirits to do my bidding . Then, to restore health, sanity & willpower . Then, to be absorbed into the supreme origin of origins, if you will. Later, all of the above. Now, just the divine union-and everything else to give myself something to do along the way .
  13. Taoist Yoga Question 1

    You're not supposed to practice as you read. I don't remember which chapter it's in, maybe the last one or somewhere in the last few chapters, but it explicitly states that you don't work through the book but instead read it several times over & memorize it thouroghly before beginning the training. The breathing and the movement of the energy occur naturaly in accordance with proper practice. I don't know why it was written in such a dislexic(that spelled right?) manner but it was.