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  1. 李清菴的道詩

    Hmmm, Sounds like a load of dung to me. Better to keep things simple when expressing yourself. Like ... We are born, we live, & we die. In between all that we experience good as well as bad times before checking out. ... Enough said!
  2. The power of Internal Martial Arts

    All this internal/external debate that has been going on with martial arts has been done to death. It's like a broken record, always stuck on the same boring track. All arts have internal as well as external qualities about them. There is no magic. No big secret to learn & when it comes down to two people on the street with an encounter the combative nature takes over & all the ...( I have vast amounts of internal chi power!) goes out the window. You either know how to fight & defend yourself, or you don't. It's as simple as that! Some here on the boards have watched far too many martial arts movies & need to live in reality.
  3. Child Birth Orgasms

    Uh, ..........OOOOOOOOOOK I guess?
  4. The Thor, has landed .

    Hello, I am Thor. I am from Northern Europe and carry the grand name of the Nordic God of War! I am a big angry Viking! At the present time I live in the wilds of the West coast of Ireland. (A place called Connemara) My interest are to write, play, & listen to Brutal Harsh Black Metal. I also like to climb mountains & I teach martial arts to a few people in particular European Sword. I also like to drink ale! Lots of it! Other than that I'm not too fond of religion, politicts or people that cannot think for themselves. Have a good weekend!