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  1. Some advice for my situation!

    This is very important, I think. If there's a technique somewhere, please circulate. I would be deeply honored to learn. Other than the few wilderness spots, can't think of places not even a bit polluted at this point. You're definitely breathing in bad air. If there's a technique to breathe in good particles, and check off the bad ones so I can have pure healthy air, that'd be great.
  2. Liberation?

    No seeking, one slap in the face No non-seeking, another slap in the face So the child asks, then what the hell am I supposed to do? I can't do anything to please you, he says. If someone says that to you, how do you react? For me, I would think someone who puts things in this form has been...abused. Because experience has done something to make him so uncertain as to his next move, he'd rather endure, and waste away the time in indecision than to throw the dice. If I were you, I'd throw the dice, and see what the outcome is. Because knowing what the change is, you can then throw the dice again, because as long as you can throw the dice, you have the chance to see its next phase. Waste it away, you come away with just a series of big fat questions. Which might be pleasurable, to some people. But answers, buddy, answers are it. Not questions.
  3. Hi! I totally do not agree with the idea of suicide even if the body of flesh and bone does not matter. I was going to think of support for your argument, but then, I simply can't. Because every part of me says that the flesh and bone does matter. So much. It's the flesh and bone that give you the chi, and the spirit, so that you form these thoughts across the internet, and connect with like-minds. And, the flesh and bone can be quite funny, if you look at it from a different angle. The flesh and bone come in many forms, and they're exquisite. Like chewing a really good piece of chocolate, very slowly, when you've not eaten for a day. Then the flesh and bone give off these messages in your head, telling you it's really enjoying itself. And then, you can't help but loving it. So, it wouldn't be fair to kill it, because all it ever wants is to enjoy its existence. You don't want to deny that from him, do you?
  4. Sense Pleasures

    Hi - Well, sensory pleasures and emotions are simply the greatest thing! I think it would be stupid to discard. See, before we're humans, probably we're some boring lifeforce, yawning away eternity because there's really nothing to do, nothing to look at, nothing, the grand zero. Somehow a few of us got lucky, discovering this deep hole somewhere, that we all jumped into, and then, we're here, as humans. And being human, it's all about making use of the senses, of seeing colors, and listening to music, and tasting sweets, and feeling all the way through. It's about using our human limitations to discover what we could not have when there wasn't any. Mind you, I'm not into all pleasure all the time kind of mentality, because reality kicks in, you need to get a job and make our society function properly. In a way, it's good, because consider if that state of always pleasure to be true, then, it'll be like living in eternity again, completely inhuman, completely boring. Our ancestors jumped down the hole to become human for a reason, you know.
  5. Liberation?

    Hi - Profound, unobstructed liberation? Is this a phase of nirvana you're describing? some kind of peace that the mind achieves in death? It's the shedding away of everything grown dear to a human existence, is it? It's when all the colors that make up you, you, wash out to become this blend neutral nothing, right? Hm...sounds kinda boring. And yet, whenever it's that profound, that must be some kind of compensation to make it all worthwhile. I am curious. How do you seek such kind of profound, unobstructed liberation? If you're a prisoner, trapped in a cell somewhere, I'd understand the mind-hunger, but you stated, it's a personal choice. I can't help myself. You're quite interesting.
  6. Well, hello, world! (I could never figure out how to begin pronouncing myself, bad public speaker I am...) Anyway, I am not really Taoist, taoist, whatever because I still don't know what the word means , even though there are many definitions. I like to consider myself a player of words, because they're really slippery, kinda like catching fishies in the water, you see them swimming around, and you just try to catch hold, but they're all just coming and going, so at the end, I'm like...cute!! So in time it becomes a certain feeling, an indescribable joy to goof around with, and I rather hate this feeling to be confined by structure, you know. Anyways, a soft curtsy to all, maybe a tipping of the hat, and a to say nice to meet everyone! (Sorry, can't get enough of the emoticons, I'm in too good a mood.)