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    Thank you so much Tyler : ) It nice to hear that
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    Why thank you very much
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    Hope you drop by again Silatgirl we need some more girls her and also some more teachers. You are also a teacher of Umaatantra yoga right? I think I saw you in an instruction video on Umaatantra or youtube. I might come to Miami one day to learn the type of yoga you guys teach as I liked the book (the gurusecrets one) Yes I am a yoga teacher , I am listed under both UMAA Tantra and The Dobles Institute . I will be around : )
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    I really am thinking about doing something for girls, no boys allowed. Not that I know anything about taoism or martial arts or anything like that. But it seems all the teaching is on a, well, a man's model. Maybe it's just that there aren't any female teachers here. Don't get me wrong, there are a ton of women here way ahead of me--TaoMeow, cat, rain, for example, but I think to do the particular thing I can do, or at least could do until a couple weeks ago, might be interesting for women to try. "I am a KAP teacher and a girl I have not officially started teaching any classes yet but I do include some of the practices when I teach yoga and do healing "
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    You are very welcome Dave and thank you for your comments and I agree it is the energy that we all bring into the shaktipats that make them successful
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  8. Just saying Hi.

    Guess I am supposed to introduce myself so I can post. So here I am just saying hello.