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  1. KAP

  2. Hard-hitting post. As someone who has rolled with the "leftest of the left" hand paths for many years, I agree 100% with what you say. That kind of one-sidedness just can't sustain itself. It creates a massive ego-imbalance and way too much self-congratulatory posturing before too long. What is more, especially when it comes to the sexual aspects, many practitioners are merely "acting out" childhood fantasies that have gone unfulfilled while the base materials of the person's being remain unchanged, the sexual polarity is merely reversed from sexually repressed to sexual tourist. It's rather like having a cake that is covered with vanilla frosting and changing the frosting to chocolate, you are still left with the same cake. The same is true with the ego-driven pursuit of the left-hand path, sure you've flipped the coin but your palm is still grasping it!
  3. This is a good one: I endorse this thread 1000% Theoddore
  4. Why my Taoism is different.

    Very nice--Burroughs would be proud
  5. Semen Retention Dangers

    Well yes, this is how I felt before but then thought about trying it from the opposite perspective. My previous position was "what she doesn't know won't hurt her" and I extended this to having sex with other woman. So now I'm not doing that anymore but I want to rail so many woman I see on a daily basis. I am not wasting too much time or energy on these thoughts so maybe its no big deal. Just wondered if anyone else struggled with this...
  6. Semen Retention Dangers

    I browsed back through the thread and noticed this. Does anyone have a technique for this? No matter how much meditation I do or total celibacy, I can't seem to refrain from looking at the naughty bits of hot woman I see out on the street. I know to a certain extent this is natural but how does one break a habit of this magnitude? Should I even want to do this? Perhaps out of respect for my girlfriend I do?
  7. The effects of chi kung on musicianship...

    These guys are a lot of fun: this vid is just one aspect of their sound though--u may like other stuff they do even more--worth checking out
  8. Haiku Chain

    they're only bodies... meat, fleshy, fatty goodness vegans still taste good
  9. VAJ posture: Tibetian Yoga Masters

    Question for you, Drew--How does one prevent one's leg's from falling asleep in this posture. Everything I attempt it beyond the 20min mark, my legs go numb and I feel like they have been severed from my body. What to do about this? Your thoughts? I can't imagine 4 hours like this. Wouldn't it cause serious damage?
  10. women must learn to redirect their orgams too

    SEEEEEEN!!!!! Big up Anthony B. I overstand your situation to the fullest having been there myself. There are no accident tho--you will be more experienced in the future and now rewarded with better judgement. Live up Rasta, Live up!
  11. women must learn to redirect their orgams too

    I feel for you brother! I'm in that "training" type situation myself. I sometimes wonder why in relationships when the sex is really good like that it never works out? I myself get tired of these "fixer-upper" type situations. I suppose love can grow with careful nurturing all else falls into balance. Whoever said "patience is a virtue" got it wrong--it should be "patience is a b*tch"
  12. Do any Bums stare at Goats?

    "I don't like your jerk-off name. I don't like your jerk-off face. I don't like your jerk-off behavior, and I don't like you...jerk-off! Do I make myself clear?"
  13. Magic?

    Well you really have to dig for the hidden gems but for the most part Bertiaux's system is UNWORKABLE. His approach to the Voudon spirits is highly idiosyncratic and his writing disorganized. IMO you can't really go wrong with Bardon--good call. This is a solid addition to your library as well: peace/ theoddore
  14. Do any Bums stare at Goats?

    "Is this your only piece of I.D.?" peace/ theoddore
  15. Magic?

    Magick can be defined as co-creating reality in conformity with Will through a variety of rituals, gestures and sleight of mind techniques to bypass the consensual belief structure of social and biologically imposed limitations on consciousness. Chaos magick you mentioned, is very similar to Taoism in its approach--sort of like the Taoism of magickal traditions. It is non-dogmatic results-oriented magick. This will get you started: Liber Null & Psychonaut () You'll get an even more thorough and well-organised introduction (and less of a grumpy old-school occultist vibe) from: Hands-On Chaos Magick Any other questions just PM me--I've got a lot of stuff on just about every magical tradition. peace/love theoddore