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    Your right there mate.

    I'm just beginning to remember this, this is in the past.

    what dose the symbols on the drum symbolize?

    OK, how do I stop a evil Jinn? I've been tracking this one down for some time.
  5. Essence of Spirituallity

    I would love to know who you are quoting Scotty? Stuck a cored thats all.
  6. I can understand how someone would consider water boarding as a lesser form of information gathering. Sadly as with all things nowadays there is a science behind it, the braking of the critical mind is the real objective. Waterboarding is the induction to insure that future interrogations go smoothly. For high profile cases, psychic induction is also used. You can be sure of this - those men that get water boarding done by professional interrogator get no rest bite. And to be honist all this would be fine (water boarding wise) if I believed that these supposed 'terrorists' had anything life saving to offer. Personally I just cant see how big government can help anyone but them selves.
  7. Essence of Spirituallity

    Don't blame anyone for what you feel about them. That is the most important lesson that I've learned in life so far - trying to live up to it is a different (dare I say - gray) matter.
  8. I would put it to sleep. Also if a family member of mine were in pain and I knew it to be their wish I would help them for fill it. There is nothing wrong in a humane crossing over.
  9. nwo and taoism

    Thats a very good pont.
  10. nwo and taoism

    Express your self! Most people are manufactured by the NWO, guess that would include the stupidity of d street - The last thing that the NWO would like is for the people to look up to people like Jesus or follow Tao - Can you imagine what Jesus would be like with the fed, world bank & IMF. We have forgotten how to incorporate the example of others with out the need to follow, we are all or nothing i.e. one must be a Christian in order to throw a table of an unethical money lender over (take the bank of England for example, they have tables too - my grandmother would say "they learnt there lesson the last time that happened, now their tables are nailed to the ground". Anyway the only reason why people fear the streets is because of the Muppets that we see out there have been cultivated to be so. Or as the NWA would say Spent most of my life in correction facilities
  11. Amazing TAO te CHING!

    Thank you the posts have been grate
  12. Amazing TAO te CHING!

    Please advice- I'm looking for a well written version of the Tao te Ching - could anyone recommend a copy?