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  1. qigong & paraplegics

    thanks, I'll investigate
  2. Why do you believe in qi?

    the more inconclusiveness the more space for the undefinable no this no that just that which resists and yields to its own name a movement going both back to and away from itself
  3. qigong & paraplegics

    Hi I've just joined this great site & very keen to share & swop experiences. I've been teaching qigong for several years & have lately felt an urge to teach qiogng to paraplegics as I feel the benefits could be huge in terms of energy movement and emotional well-being. I live in South Africa where 99.99% of people have never heard of qigong and qigong masters are non-existant. My searches for info/papers on the subject on the internet have not unearthed anything very juicy. So I was wondering if anyone out there has experience in this area or knows of any literature/papers on the subject. i have quite a good idea of how/what I would teach but I guess I'm keen to find out as much as possible before hand. i.e. the effects that doing qigong has on paraplegics (not through emitted qi but through self practice - breathing & simple arm movements, visualising & directing qi by the paraplegic) thanks hummingbird
  4. Cetacean qi

    Hi taobums This morning saw me doing qigong on the beach to the sound of whales flopping around about 100m off shore its all very beautiful Am looking forward to playing in the cyber qi-fields hummingbird