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  1. Need help! Wanting to build a Qigong-o-meter.

    Mwight, Would you tell me how much is that "infrared thermometer" and how do you check the heat you emit? Thanks, Julius
  2. Pyrokinesis

    This video actually shows and infrared video of the masters hands during the demonstration, it's quite amazing, you cannot doubt the validity of this. Well, I actually talked to someone who visited him. After the treatment the Master left the room, he tasted chamicals. At the next visit he brought his own towel, alu foil, but the Master would not prepare in front of him or do healing without the towel and foil. I don't know really what to think. This story comes from a Qi gong practicioner. Julius
  3. Pyrokinesis

  4. A New Bum

    Hello Everyone, I am fairly new to the group. It seems that there are so many interesting discussions and topics are around here that I log on almost every day. The video of John Chang turned me towards that site. All the best, Julius