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  1. Debunking Fake QiGong Power

    Thank you very much Lao Tzu for posting that interesting video, and do not pay much attention to critizism.
  2. Stripping The Gurus

  3. Why Qigong Seems Bogus To Skeptics

    Scientific research has proved that those images are caused by a high voltage corona effect.
  4. Master Eric Yudelove

    1. The Guru is always right. 2. No one ever rises to the level of the Guru's wisdom 3. Members must accept the guru's reality as their own. 4. Critical thingking is discouraged. 5. Positive thoughts about the leader and the group are encouraged. 6. Irrational, illogical, or superstitious thoughts are always welcome.
  5. Master Eric Yudelove

    Is this what they call "freedom of speech"...
  6. Master Eric Yudelove

    Thank you very much for the info.
  7. Weor's writtings were hugely influenced by this teacher, Arnoldo Krumm-Heller. Koenig showed that Krumm-Heller was anti-semitic and pro-nazi. From the introductory lesson of Krumm's famous course on Runic Magic, page 3: But lets go back to Samael Aun Weor again in order to offer more evidences of his nazism. The following is taken form the Weor´s book called "Manifiesto del Partido Obrero Socialista Latino Americano":
  8. Samael was a sexist and machista man throughout his life. According to him, men were nº1, women were nº2. Anyway, in order to address your question let me quote him one more time. The following is taken from a Samael´s lecture called "Eternal Feminine" You are right, it is easy to prove that Samael played around with certain fascism principles. He stated that there were impure races and those who are "pure blood" are also more capable than mestizos. The following quote is taken from the book "Treatise of Occult Medicine" But Samael went a step further. Nazi eugenics were nazi policies that sought to improve the race through human selection. Nazis considered certain groups of people as unworthy of life, so it was justified to sterilized and also killed them... Samael supported nazi eugenics as well. Lets read a few words from "The Social Transformation of Humanity".
  9. Lets have a look at what Samael Aun Weor says about homosexuality for example. The following lines have been taken from the book called "Fundamental Education" A truly "useful and valuable" spiritual information, isnt it?
  10. This "useful and valuable" info is causing a lot of pain and sorrow, and I know very well about what I am talking about. It is not about arguing but about warning people. Peace.
  11. From my point of view, there are books that throw much more light on the true nature of weor teachings. For example, I recommend to check this one out. (to the abyss!, to the abyss!, to the abyss! )
  12. Samael never had an employment other than plagiarizing books to sell them to his followers. In fact, you may find some books and letters (ie. circular “Escuelas Gnósticas”,“Gran Memorandum de Alerta”, “Orientaciones institucionales”, “Supremo Gran Manifiesto Universal del Movimiento Gnóstico”, "Luto en la Bandera Gnóstica", etc.) in where he asked to his followers for "voluntary" donations (obolos in spanish). He confessed to his friend, and also Buddha, Julio Medina that they should live out of the teachings ("Carta sucesoria de SAW a GK"). According to him, all what was required was just a strong organization in order to built a structure that would be able to provide them with all what they wished.
  13. If you let me give you a piece of advice, I recommend you to do a little research on Weor teachings before trying to justify the cult. Good luck.
  14. Be careful guys... The gnostic teachings are just a bunch of nonsenses, plagiarism and fraud. In Spain, for example, it is considered to be a dangerous cult which causes both physical and psychological imbalances. Followers normally become extremely fanatical. Only have a look at Samael Aun Weor´s teachings and youll see why. If you want to get proper info, check this site out: www.forum.rickross.com/read.php?5,9333 There is another good site too, but only for spanish speakers: www.lagnosisdevelada.com Cheers.