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  1. taoist groups in the uk

    I did go to a tai chi club but the first leason you had to pay membership and a months worth of classes(100 pounds)total,a real shame.I have tried a little meditation who would have thought sitting quietly would be so difficult....................
  2. taoist groups in the uk

    Hi "trailmaker" Thanks for the response.I just read your quote,i guess depression relates to the past and anxiety is a fear of the future?i dont know,best that i stay in the present...............Where am i in my daoist studys?Well if a journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step,i am just leaving my front door........Just hope i can make contact with some good people.......
  3. taoist groups in the uk

    does anyone know of any taoist groups in the uk,NOT the british taoist assosiation(had some negative experiences with these people)Also i have recently been diagnosed with depression(what a laugh that is)do you think tai chi chuan,chi kung and meditation would be of help,i have been offered meds but feel very cautious about going down that .hope that someone can help.......thank you