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  1. Obligatory intro

    Thank you!
  2. Andrew Lum/Patrick Moon contact

    I know both Sifu Hata (ssttinstitute) and Michael Denney (fiveelementtao) through years of training and fellowship. Both men take great pride in what they do, both are peaceful, and both have big hearts, though sometimes their behaviors may seem harsh or out of line. I also know Si-Jo Patrick Moon through Sifu Hata and have had the honor of learning from all three of these gifted men. I am forever grateful - through the good times, and the hard times. Max Christensen I have met only briefly on one occasion. He seemed like a very nice person and there is nothing bad I can say about him, or his art, or his students (some of which I have gotten to know and like). I have never met Sifu Andrew Lum. It is not uncommon for these types of quarrels to come up in martial arts communities. Personally, I prefer to stay out of "kung fu politics" when I have no direct responsibility within a particular situation. Sometimes situations just need to be handled though. What I do find unfortunate is that this "quarrel" (whether or not bearing any merit) has now been publicly aired and debated; I feel this should have been best handled behind-the-scenes in private. I don't believe this public display is healthy for either party. "Whose truth is your truth?" - it continues to drive a deeper wedge and many people will choose sides as multiple reputations are damaged. I don't give much power to hearsay. If I am not responsible for it or to anyone about it, then I don't care who said what. My focus is on my SSTT practice and teaching the students in the Los Angeles class. Anyone who is interested in coming to the LA SSTT class is very welcome to do so - you will be treated with respect, honor and dignity. Energy Fist (SSTT) Above all, I encourage people to learn from all of the people I mentioned above. Don't let any perceived negativity in this thread prevent you from learning from any or all of them. This is all I will say (publicly) about this matter.
  3. Obligatory intro

    Well, I guess I can't post anywhere else until I write something here. So hello! You can find more about me over at: Energy Fist