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  1. 365 Tao - Walking

    Understood, I do the same thing with The Daily OM on another site.
  2. 365 Tao - Walking

    Beautifully said Blasto, I have little opportunity to get far out into nature but do manage to connect with the little bit that is my back yard.
  3. What are you listening to?

    Lauryn Hill - Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You I love the way she makes a song her own.
  4. Today I tried to live simply and frugally

    Innerspace - how did yesterday go?
  5. Today I tried to live simply and frugally

    Yup. I pack a light lunch and bring a thermos of coffee or tea(winter)/iced tea or water (the rest of the year) to work. It takes some discipline but after a little while it becomes a regular habit. I stopped drinking soft drinks a few years ago by making other choices, I drank a lot of iced tea and water with lemon initially...then stayed mostly with water except for a cup of coffee in the mornings.
  6. Cell Phones

    My cell phone is the bane of my existence...and my link to my beloved while we're dealing with large family health crises in different cities. To our credit, the phone plan for three people is 450 minutes a month and we've accumulated 4000+ rollover minutes. My hope is, once the crisis is over, to discuss the option of canceling the cell plan and living without.
  7. I don't know about life anymore

    Very nice, thanks for sharing that.
  8. General guidelines for qigong practice

    Thanks so much for posting this, especially the part in Step one about stretching the breath...most helpful
  9. Mattresses: healthy ones?

    That's exactly what I was looking for when I was bed shopping a couple of months ago, all I could find were crappy 1/2 foam knock offs. I ended up settling for another coil spring mattress to the tune of $600...crap!
  10. The Three Jewels in Daoism

    Thanks Craig, that's a very different view from my own...I'll have to give it further thought.
  11. The Three Jewels in Daoism

    I understand what you're saying about correcting an untruth...I'd just do it with a little less "fanfare" these days.
  12. Is your Taoism a "Religion"?

    Without thought on the question my first impulse is NO, Taoism is not a religion! This reaction is based in my almost universal dislike of the religions I've encountered. However, using the definition supplied by Stig, it would seem the little I know of Taoism does touch on all three...although I'm not well enough informed to reach a conclusive opinion. I'll enjoy watching this thread to read from others more learned on the subject.
  13. The Three Jewels in Daoism

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts Marblehead. I've been finding myself being more and more mindful as I move through my day, someone will be talking out their ass and instead of my usual impulse to call them on it, I'm letting it go. Thinking more along the lines of "does this really matter, my being right OR even more...letting them know they're wrong". Showing more compassion and judging less make for a much more peaceful coexistence. I'm curious, if others feel the importance of these treasures, how do you go about manifesting them in daily life?
  14. The three jewels in Daoism as I understand them are: Compassion, Moderation and Humility. As I've said before, I'm very new to the path and am striving diligently to learn and live the basics. I find the three jewels a wonderful place to start as the represent following the middle way so well. I was wondering how my fellow bums feel about them, do they matter to you, do you actively contemplate them as you move through your day, and in your interactions with others?