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  1. Andrew Lum/Patrick Moon contact

    I knew I would be flamed for speaking up. One can imagine how much worse the reaction would be on the actual people being threatened and blackmailed if they were to do the same. That's probably really making it hard for them to do so. Not exactly a friendly environment for anyone except for the leader. I'm not at liberty to reveal their personal information because they are actually being threatened, and they are the ones left to deal with those ramifications. As it is, me even saying any of this at all is causing enough problems. Just to clarify once again, yes, I know these people directly. I know at least 6 people this has happened to, and I never said it was happening to everyone. If you missed the half dozen folks mentioned a few times already, hopefully now you would be aware of that. It's only because they are having the same issues that I have come to see it as a pattern and a community issue and not just individual ones. Why is this community spending so much of it's energy protecting Max and not on taking care of the members having problems? I only wanted to alert the community so people can question a few things and hopefully get this situation resolved, but instead all that's happening is anyone who dares speak a negative about Max or kl gets burned at the stake! At the same time, many are contacting SSTT people behind the public front asking for help and describing a LOT of problems--all with this same pattern, yet no one has the courage to tell the kl community! I can see better now why they are so apprehensive to do so. I have always said all along that perhaps this practice DOES work for some, but when a sister group is having a spill over of kl people seeking help and all describing the same problems, fears, etc., it's hard to just watch that and keep your mouth shut. Use the good parts that work, but don't be afraid to make corrections with things that don't. It doesn't mean you have to throw the baby out with the bath water. You guys are trying to reach enlightenment. That's about awareness and taking the whole thing in. Take care of your own community and make sure it's truly a healthy one for everyone involved. A good place to start is to get out of flat denial and work on making it a safe space for people who are having issues--whether with people dynamics or with the practice, to be able to express that and get help with working to remedy it without being criticized, ostracized, attacked or blamed for reaching out. My intention is not to destroy your group, I just want to bring what the SSTT people are experiencing into the group's awareness so you guys can take care of the issue and hopefully make a few corrections or adjustments to help those folks. No one can ever come forward if faced with being ostracized, blamed and torn apart simply from asking for help or saying that something is not working. This doesn't mean it's the same 100% for every single member. But there are enough kl people WE are encountering who are in crisis, that we just wanted your community to raise it's awareness and do something to fix those issues. For those of you with nothing better to do than make personal attacks on anyone for speaking up, why are you so resistant to taking a deeper look? How does that possibly threaten you? If this isn't a cult mentality, then humbly taking a closer look to see if and why any members of the community are in distress, or to see if the situations we are mentioning could truly exist in some way and if there is a better way to perhaps handle them, and to create a safe space for people to speak up, should not destroy your gains in this practice, but rather strengthen them. Your concern should be making sure everyone in your community is ok, not only in defending Max. This issue isn't about blame, people are human and make mistakes. It's about taking care of one another. I keep getting PM's and emails pulling me back into this thread, and all that really awaits me here is more attacks for speaking out. I have no interest in the drama or politics, and really don't want to be involved other than that I want the people I know and any others who need it to get help, to feel safe, and to not be afraid. I don't intend to be on this forum regularly (hopefully not at all) to have to keep justifying or defending myself. Please use your energy to ensure the well being of your community instead. Not everyone is having the same happy experience that some of you are having. When the situation remedies that my friends are going through, I'll be happy to retract my statements, but not until I see it. Again, my intention is not to harm your group by bringing attention to this, it is in the hopes that your community will take the concern seriously and work to correct it. I want to see everyone here succeed on their path. I have no further intention of being involved in this, other than to update when the people I know are in a safe place and their issues are resolved. Please don't keep expecting to engage me further in defending myself, revealing private information of the folks in question, or use my absence as opportunity to argue with my silence and then claim no reaction from me as "proof" that you won your argument. I will come back on the forum when I see the problems solved and post an update. It's my hope that the community can heal these issues internally rather than attack, deny or blame those who would dare mention that they exist. This, too, is a part of the Path.
  2. Andrew Lum/Patrick Moon contact

    It wasn't enough for me to decide to pursue. That doesn't mean it may not work for others. My other practices already more than have it covered. Making me justify my experiences has nothing to do with other people's experiences. They are irrelevant to them. In Reiki the tangible results are in healing, which can be measured with diagnostic equipment. In psychic/Shamanic work it's measured in the resolution of the attack or conflict, and with precog or channeled information that can later be confirmed. In SSTT you can measure the effects on a person's nervous system or in the ceasing of paranormal attack. In kl, the goal is enlightenment, which can only be measured by a person's deeds or possibly if they can walk through walks or become invisible. I haven't seen the latter two, so my default is with the deeds. A number of people with the same issues makes a pattern and was cause for alarm. If the problems behind the scenes get resolved and the environment is a healthy one in which your students can flourish, you'll have my respect. If attacks are made on others or myself, it can be verified with other masters and will become public. My goal is the well being of all involved, not in arguing about techniques or lineages. If things get resolved, become healthy and stable in that, I will be happy to retract or update what I've said.
  3. Andrew Lum/Patrick Moon contact

    That was not my quote.
  4. Andrew Lum/Patrick Moon contact

    Those are two separate topics. I am a Reiki Master Teacher (that's the official title, not my ego) and have practiced energy work and healing through that and through Shamanic studies for 20 years. There was definite energy moving during the workshop, but the manner in which it was moved didn't flow along meridians or natural channels as every other style I've practiced has. I don't see a clear result anywhere in the practice with anyone I've met. I approached my kunlun class after seeing Max's youtube video where he was shooting energy from a distance and making a person across the park spaz out. There was also a shot of a person rushing up to attack him and upon contacting Max's energy field, the man went into instantaneous enlightenment and fell down, awakened and unable to harm Max. What I found later is that this only works on students who allow the energy in. I was told from a number of sources that it doesn't work on the average Joe Shmoe walking down the street. As I have been practicing martial arts and energy work all my life, and have worked in professions where I need to be able to fight in order to protect myself and other people, I found this information very disappointing. I am already on my path to enlightenment, so my interest in kunlun was only to find more tools to add to my skills which I can use in my life's work, both in psychic and shamanic work, and in physical protection. One thing I've noticed is that in ripping open the 3rd eye in students, that some of them are then forced into a heightened level of psychic awareness, and then come under attack from entities that exist in that realm. They have no support or help in learning how to protect themselves psychically, even after as long as 2 years of training and continuously going to classes. I personally believe that a teacher who brings a student to this level should also teach them how to navigate that world, how to close it down or dampen it if they need to, and most of all, how to protect themselves in that dimension. So this aspect of the teaching has bothered me. My primary concern for suddenly getting on line and speaking up is after seeing a flow of kunlun people with various difficulties, psychically and in dealing with behaviors that are in my opinion abusive and unhealthy. It is my nature to want to help and protect people, and after seeing so many of them with these same two patterns, I felt the need to bring attention to it so that people can get help. No, I have discontinued the kunlun practices. I feel the ones I have already been doing are far more effective, fast and have clearer tangible results for me. I have also been on a path already for 20 years, so my situation will be different in that regard than others. I did not feel kunlun was able to add anything new to the tools I already have.
  5. Andrew Lum/Patrick Moon contact

    I have respectfully edited this as the post Sifu Hata wrote at the same time addresses everything well. I wish well being to everyone here and want to leave this topic in peace.
  6. Andrew Lum/Patrick Moon contact

    Yes, it is. It's recent, and it makes me really angry and sad. I just want to support anyone going through this to find their way through it.
  7. Andrew Lum/Patrick Moon contact

    Kunlun people are now being forbidden and threatened from inquiring about the SSTT side of Max's training/lineage, or having any contact with people able to confirm or deny his claims. A truly enlightened master would have no fear of sister lineages sharing support, information and working together. They would not need to manipulate, blackmail, attack, or make threats in order to isolate their students (or followers) from those outside the "flock". Their practice should stand for itself without fear or any of these types of manipulations. The foundation of what they teach and where they come from should be verifiable without any inflation, ego, tension or fear. It is never a healthy relationship when you must hand over your power to a mentor, follow his every word without question, cut yourself off from your support network or those outside your practice, force yourself to feel indebted to him and at the same time unworthy because you can't make yourself become invisible or see him as a glowing dragon and most of all, to completely hand over your filter to reason, question and make sure your experiences match up correctly with what's being taught. Your teacher should not make you feel vulnerable, scared, disproportionately indebted, unworthy because you have virtually nothing to show for the hard work at your practice, isolated, abused, at risk from the psychic part of the training or from your teacher, and unable to protect yourself. This is not empowering, no matter how many new age words are used at the time it's being taught. This is not healthy. This is not enlightened behavior. It's not even basic decent behavior. What it is, is a form of abuse. In fact, these behaviors are listed in "cult watch" lists all over the internet. I want to encourage anyone finding themselves in this position to trust how you feel and take steps to find support for yourself. Don't ever let any other person--master, human, dragon, alien or otherwise EVER remove your filter to judge things for yourself or to take away your power. Empowerment means you feel stronger, better, more skilled, and your life is like flying colors of success, happiness and well being (WITHOUT needing to trick yourself into seeing it that way!). Only YOU can earn that for yourself, it can never be given by any other, no matter the promise or the price. A teacher can only give you tools and point you towards doors, but if those doors don't work, or they are laced with booby traps, that doesn't mean your dream is dashed or you have to now flail in pain in the dark, or that you're just not good enough to get it right. It means this wasn't the right door for you. Trust in yourself. If it feels right, if your life is thriving, if you can see and experience direct, tangible, real results, then it's working. If it's a landscape of fear, intimidation, an ongoing sense of failure, anxiety, pain or unrest, you're not looking in the right place for your particular path. The "way" isn't about tricking yourself into thinking so positively that no matter what's really in front of you and how terrible it is, you can remain in bliss. It's about finding tools that make your REAL LIFE catch up with the mental projection you are deliberately trying to create. Sometimes our path towards enlightenment and mastery includes a few detours. Sometimes it includes learning to not put your teacher on a pedestal (like a demi-god), and usually it ends with each of us finding that the master was inside us all along...we just had to learn to listen to and trust the guidance trying to get our attention from within.
  8. Andrew Lum/Patrick Moon contact

    I think the point is that unless you get invited/introduced to these old style sifus by someone they know, trust and respect, you won't get access to learning from them. The other point is that kunlun people are currently being threatened against talking to outsiders, so to do so WILL be a powder keg.
  9. Greetings

    Hello! I'm Maeven. I've studied the I Ching and Hua Hu Ching for 20 years. I do healing energy work, and have recently begun SSTT martial arts. I also went to a Kunlun workshop.