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  1. Happy Valentine's Day

    Oh yea i am starting to get this feeling of love arriving to my life. Could be because of valentien's day
  2. Happy New Year!

    Yes i love the tao bums forum and it's people. All of you have a happy new year.
  3. Real elixir of life

    Centre888 I reckon dew. But at the moment am not attempting to start it though, i am pretty much researching, reading books, getting the right equipment etc. Although i think it'll take me more than one attempt of making the elixir to get it right, as i am bit clumsy We culd pm each other with any breakthroughs, or progress. are you a begginer at alchemy ? Where about do u live ?
  4. Real elixir of life

    I just bought the covenant of silence. It has more than three ways of making the elixir of life and the stone, i'll post here any progress. Or will start a new topic as the process of making the elixir takes a while. Wish me luck
  5. Aliens in all religions or only in some?

    Hello Taomeo I know that the Qura'n states tha Allah created many things (other life forms) which we don't know of. There is that race which is equal to the human race, also have free will and desires, called 'genie' or 'jin', it's known that they live in another dimension on Earth, though don't know whether to consider them as aliens. This is ancient egyptian mythology, considered to be a religion at it's time. There happened to be aliens coming to ancient Egypt, they were believed to have taught the ancient Egyptian alchemy, magic, medicin and most of all their advanced architects (such as the pyramids). Thoth is considered to be the god of alchemy, geometry, and medicine, described the sights of the aliens as ' tall strange giants'. I've heard that buddhist don't like to concern themselves with that knowledge of different life forms on other planets, as they don't affect their spiritual growth or state of mind. Best of luck with your discussions
  6. Real elixir of life

    Last year me and my friend decided to get on with this 'creating the elixir of life' getting the instructions from the thread on ehow . Eventually we failed ,lack of equipment and patience, aswell as my parents not allowing me to buy all the props
  7. Merry Christmas 2009

    Merry christmas and happy new year everyone I heard that the year 2010 onwards is going to be a shift of human consciousness
  8. Real elixir of life

    I am not trying to mislead or anything if that's what you're trying to say . I am not promoting him at all , i just thought it's interesting how he can make something which gets him the deisred results of say for example 20 years of spiritual practice
  9. Real elixir of life

    Hello people, i don't know if this was mentioned before, but i found this guy last year who claimed to know the correct formula of the real elixir of life. This guy has his own youtube channel, website, and just published his own book on how to make the elixir of life, it's pretty interesting how he claims the effects of drinking this elixir. His youtube video , it's quite magical Read the description on the right handside, and go to the book's link, where you can buy it for 6 dollars i think. You can find him mentioning on his website (provided in the video's description) that he has his own sect or group which are trying to change the world to the better and things like that. I think you do realize how rare it is for some one at our time to create the elixir of life, and share the discovery with the rest of us. all alchemists/non alchemist out there I am waiting for you opinion of Nicholas. Is he for real,if you try his experiments tell me if they work, please. Peace and happiness
  10. Don't know where to go

    Yes i am experimenting with different techniques, zen meditation proves to be the most efficient so far.
  11. Don't know where to go

    Thanks to all the compassionate people who posted here, your of a much help. Now i am listening to Alan Watts my first time to hear him.
  12. Don't know where to go

    Thanks for the links hyrdo, i find nonduality site very helpful !
  13. Don't know where to go

    I guess you're right, i noticed how Bodri's stuff was a bit too tight, but made sense that's why i followed it. I will take your adivice and research sutras, but do you recommend any specific ones to start with ?
  14. Don't know where to go

    Well, i am 15 years old , started to get interested in spiritual things one or two years ago. I first started reading books about alchemy all western i think, then shifted to meditation Chakra and William Bodri's teachings. Last summer holiday i started to get to hardcore meditation, trapped myself inside my room and chanted/yoga'ed and everything, also i set myself a schedule to follow. But then when school started i got distracted by it, friends, and other mundane things. I eventually lost track last month, as i stopped meditating regularly, gave in to bad habits of thinking, and kinda don't feel pure anymore . Now i am trying to get back to how i used to be, i don't really get encouraged by anyone i know, as literally all of them have no clue of spiritual cultivation. Only i know that my dad followed the same path but when he was in university, he used to read lots of books about Sufism, and Buddhism, that at one stage he had an experience of what he describes as 'enlightenment' then he wrote a poem then stopped being into any spiritual thing. It's not a coincidence that i do the same thing as my father without knowing anything about it. This is why i think i should carry on my cultivation to get desired results, i might have been reborn where i am to do this , i don't know. so i am trying to find anything that is interesting to drag me back, so if you have any ways of tackling laziness or overwhelming struggles which distracts you, or any new exciting practices to do as i get excited over them ,i have a vague experience of following the breath meditation and did a few chakra visualizations and won't come back to them currently . I read lots of articles here and know that this forum is full of bright cultivated people Any advice ? I sound confused i know
  15. Do you meditate / Practice Daily

    I started doing my hardcore meditation last summer. I had lots of free time, and was reading william bodri's stuff, which combined together led me to the daily meditation . Eventually school came . I started setting up a new routine, which worked the best, i think it'll stay with me for a while. The funny thing was, i decided to do mantra chanting, with vipassana, right before going to sleep. I will be sleeping, and perhaps dreaming yea, and then my mindfullness kicks in, and i'll be like 'what the hell ?! too much attachment, oh yea i am sleeping...' by the way, does anyone recite the zhunti mantra in their daily practise? just curious Your friend Prince hisoka