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  1. Why Taoism is different

    What makes Taoism different ? Lets start with this one - "Make oneself useless" All other "religions" (relegere - latin for "to bind together" ) include the goal of serving others, becomeing something others can exploit, dying for the cause, self-less giving, martyrdom, etc. The result is we are slaves to the economic machines that drives our societies. The purpose of religion is to keep us bound to these rivers of wealth that flow from women and children and poor - upward. The Dao De Ching tells me that the society Lao-Tze lived in was very keen on exploiting people, and he responded to it by telling us to become "useless" - the wood of the oak tree is too soft for any purpose so that is hwy the oak is the last tree standing... Is there any other religion that gives advice which would result in the collapse of the economic machine that exploits us? If not, then Daoism is different - in a very important way. Do Daoists believe (telling your self something is true that you don't know in your heart is true) in things? Is there a Daoost "belief system?" To be a Daoist must I tell myself a set of hypotheses shared by others who claim to be Daoists? When I catch myself believing in something, I tell myself: "Believe in nothing. The idea is eithor a hypothesis or gnosis (knowledge of the heart) Stop telling yourself something is true until you know it in your heart. Run more experiments. Believing is self deceit and self abuse. I like shamanism because there is nothing to believe in, no cannon, no belief system. " I can trust you because you dont live by faith in beliefs. - Oriah Mountain Dreamer
  2. Hello everyone

    Hello Everyone, If you are interested in any of these topics please feel free to share with me: The Relationships between Taoism and Chinese and Western Alchemy Taoism and Shamanism The application of Taoism to Transformational Leadership The processes of using creating symbolic rituals for healing (Shamanism) The influence of the Vedas on Taoism? The influence of Taoism on the Buddhisms Let the adventure begin! Morganlake