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  1. I've seen the gold ring at the third eye (in a mirror) but it was more like a 3 dimensional glowing sphere set back in the middle of my skull. I also saw what I can only describe as a refractive sheath around my body; like a heat mirage on the hood of a car on a hot summer day.
  2. Long Road to the Tao Bums

    Hi, My name is Zach. I have been a dreamer for many years. During my most recent studies of lucid dreaming, I began looking into Tibetan Dream Yoga. I ended up buying a book called Tsonghapa's Six Yogas of Naropa. It has a long introduction (more than half of the book) and since I've wanted to put some of the techniques involved into practice before actually finishing, I had to do a search on Vase breathing, since I hadn't gotten to the explanation of what that is yet. The search led me to a thread here. I have studied Buddhism for a few years now and had planned to do a study of Daoism next, and so arriving at this forum seemed like a good enough sign to join and begin learning. The only other forum that I regularly visit is Dreamviews.com, but the content of the conversations there are getting old; especially in the religion/spirituality section where I enjoy posting the most, so it seemed like a good time to branch out a little. I'll probably spend some time getting a feel for the place and not posting too much, but I'll be around.