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  1. does semen emissons makes you start again?

    aiyo everyone, after reading the initial post and responses I feel a lot of anxiety coming at this topic. I am new to posting and learning from this forum, just as I am new to the practices and ideas of Taoism. However I have felt in my own life a definite sense of depletion after any sort of ejaculation. What really turned me onto this forum was the positive and realistic approach taoism and many of the posting members have towards this issue. The person who said "You are as powerful as you give yourself permission to be." is for sure right in my mind. You just gotta realize that just like everything, every ejaculation can be perceived as a positive experience launching you along into the future. You just have to decide where you will focus your eyes, on the dark or the light of the experience. When I ejaculate, either on purpose, accident, or nocturnally, I just smile upon the experience knowing there is something to learn from it. Thought I would chime in cause this issue makes its way into my thoughts quite often now. PEACE Matt
  2. Power of the Inner Smile

    real props for sharing this, I really appreciate whenever anyone wants to share the lights found in life. Its also encouraging to know there are good and positive parents out there. PEACE Matt
  3. Eating Bananas Helps Too

    There is so much to be munched on here. My interest and attraction to taoism has only recently been sparked. It is amazing to read someone's words and experiences that come from a perspective completely different than my own. Your reality seems to be soaked in light. Thanks.
  4. Aiyo

    Hey to everyone, I had been scratching around this site reading up on different ideas based in all sorts of things. I got to looking around and like what I found here more and more. From what I can gather, seems like you all have a friendly, mature, and well balanced group of people sharing ideas, criticisms, and beliefs. Finding this place felt like what I could call a breath of fresh air, ya know what I'm saying? Thought I would actually be proactive and assertive here since I found some good energy on the internet. Saying hey and hope to be talking with whoever wants to. Matt