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  1. Tian Yan Nei Gong

    Thanks Chang Do you have any experience with the system or know anyone who has/had practiced it a while?? and what they say about it?
  2. Tian Yan Nei Gong

    Hi there, who has heard of or practiced Tian Yan Nei Gong??? What are your opinions or what have your heard about it??? Thanks!!

    Call them tricks and stunts BUT Bad Indian Music?! I cannot agree with that! :lol:
  4. This is the first time I have ever seen a public display of ability by such high level practitioners of the internal arts. I speculate they must be at least the equivalent of level 3 in Mo Pai. Please let me know what you think and if you know what lineage they might be.
  5. Thank you C T, much appreciated. As soon as I can I will go visit these places. Not today though, because the weather is simply miserable
  6. Hi all, for those who remember me, I have been gone a while and some things have changed for me, so I haven't been here much. Anyway, I am now in Hong Kong, and I was thinking that this is possibly the best chance I have to meeting a legit teacher who can make me feel some chi/qi. And by chi/qi I mean the real deal, some unseen energy capable of pushing me, electrify me or something that. For now I just want to know if it is real, so can anyone point me on where to find a legit friendly master in HongKong that would be willing to just show me some chi/qi? Thank you!!!
  7. Bronnikov Method

    Bronnikov is full of crap from what I ve seen, the documentary is with Derren Brown, famous magician and skeptic. I couldn't possibly believe Bronnikov is legit after seeing this. Is this ability real? maybe. Is Bronnikovs method real? I dont think so....
  8. "The Awakening"

    He is god, capable of anything, so he created himself before he even existed! BOOM SHAKA LAKA!
  9. Is it possible to truly get into meditation?

    WHy do you meditate apepch? What do you gain from doing it?
  10. Is it possible to truly get into meditation?

    To find out if there really is anything more to it than sitting around relaxing very deeply.
  11. Is it possible to truly get into meditation?

    I've pretty much dropped all expectation, the only thing I expect really is something, whatever it may be. But then you know, since I don't really enjoy it, when I'm done its like "man, I could have spent that time improving my skills on this or learning more about that..." If I had some big expectations I knew for sure would come, then I might meditate a lot.
  12. Is it possible to truly get into meditation?

    I can't say I enjoy meditation, in the sense that when I am done I don't go "wow that was awesome! can't wait for the next session! " All the meditation I have done is simply in search of a reason to meditate. So far all I've got is a tingly sensation in my hands/arms when I move them close to my upper body after a few minutes of meditation. Is that chi? I don't know, but though interesting, it hasn't really kept me coming back for more. I'm just in search of a path, but I can't find any that I know are worth following. I just know I'd still like to meet john chang someday, experience the phenomena for myself, after all my journey really started at the age of 16 I think, when I saw a documentary on the history channel about spontaneous human combustion. At the end of this documentary, a mystery man set some newspaper on fire, it was awesome. Wanst until 5 years later though, with internet in my life, that I could really pick up the trail. Well thats enough off topic, I just feel talkative tonight, thats all.
  13. Power

    Dragon feces Never tried it to know what its like though.
  14. Karma strikes again

    Karma? more like Karmera Had there not been a camera to catch her in the act she would have probably just carried on as if nothing had happened, never to be punished for that act of cruelty.
  15. Interesting talk, but who is this "Sean"?