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    Thank you so much for your welcome.
  2. The First of Many

    I have ben looking for a forum that is balanced between the martial and the spiritual sides of Tai Chi I am not a Taoist, nor am I a Buddhist I am looking at both as I am disenchanted with Western spirituality. I have found peace in Tai Chi and in meditation. My name is Duncan I have been studying Tai Chi Chuan at the Jade Forest of Rockland Ma under Sifu Scott Jefferies. I have been practicing now for 3 years now and I am getting comfortable with some of the form work I am in review on the 2nd section of 108 moves and about 2/3 of the way Sunset fan form I am also working on a form simply known as Shaolin form it is a yang style form being taught to us by a Monk who travels here from Dengfeng China his name is Shi DeCheng and my martial arts background up until this time was informal with some training for working in a Mental health facility. I am hoping to learn more about the background of Tai Chi and of Taoism.