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  1. Advaita and Buddhism are the Same After All

    Yes - In spite of your attempts at appearing humble, reasonable, sarcastic and funny - all at the same time - Yes. Sorry, better "luck" next time. Had to say this even at the cost of another "you don't know anything about Buddhism" rant You do sound like a teleevangelist and there are loads of them on tv, so I know when I hear one. Hey, they are not a rare breed and you have similar species on this very board. lol But not a good one though, for you focus too much on the minuses of Hindus rather than on the supposed pluses of Buddhism or Islam. But yes, there are all flavors of Teleevangelists ... some loud and jarring, some repetitive and trying hard to appear "intelligent, rational and filled with good humor" and then there are other kinds. The first are easy to notice and forget but the second make you want to listen to them for a while - at least to appreciate how hard they are trying to put up an appearance. Lo! you give them their due by engaging them in a conversation and letting them proclaim their truth. It also helps if you have nothing very serious to do at the moment and can afford some time. You don't lose a heck by giving that joy to some fellaw who will feel proud of having talked reason to one, having tried to lift them from the state of delusion etc. I am doing just that here ... not a Buddha, but certainly seems like my compassion is worthy of a Bodhisattva. What next? Bring it on
  2. Advaita and Buddhism are the Same After All

    I like my deluded life! Lol... Like Vajra would say, Samsara is my Nirvana and I know of no suffering. I am neither a Advaitin prescribing to Vivartavada (sorry Dwai ) but rather extreme Parinamavada so I like it all...nothing is unreal or worthy of not liking here. There is no question of not liking.. I hope you're not making me your Buddha solely to put the "Kill the Buddha if you find him" quote to action. I am also a trained martial artist you know and can do more than debate. Just kidding... I don't want Sean's band of mods to come chasing after me... can't even complain to Leslie and get away this time
  3. Kill The Buddha: Sam Harris On Buddhism

    Hmm... conversation or preaching? Also, if you said "me and you" it would have been better, at least indicative of the fact that you will work on yourself with priority before uplifting the others - forcibly even if they refuse and say - I want to be a dumb, fantastic "lay" Hindu or a Christian? How is conversation between us supposed to help us learn if both of us are deluded? In just boosting your and my ego perhaps? But I like to grasp at my Self which I believe to be universal. What are you achieving by rubbing your delusion against mine? A spark of insight? Hmmm.... doesn't agree with even some amateurish Yogachara schools.
  4. Advaita and Buddhism are the Same After All

    It does not! But you are the one worried about what is better than the rest, who is more "lay" than the others and so on! I am on the Oneness band - All Is One Remember, you are the savior and I am the deluded one to be saved. It's your reputation at stake and not mine!
  5. Kill The Buddha: Sam Harris On Buddhism

    Yeah likes of you - "here to save us all from delusion" (I am only quoting you) ... Replace "May the power of the Mind of three kayas" by Our Lord Jesus Christ, Self/Static by Satan, Non-Buddhists by "devil worshipping deluded pagans" and you can make a lucrative career as a Tele Evangelist.
  6. Advaita and Buddhism are the Same After All

    You are a self-professed victim of delusion. You are a better judge of character?
  7. Advaita and Buddhism are the Same After All

    That's sad to hear. I met them both about nine months ago and she seemed to be doing well! Her liver seemed a little weak based on the vibes she gave. I thought it was impertinent to state that observation in front of the renowned healer himself. Hope she gets better soon again. Not sure if its a coincidence but a lot of healers I have known have family suffering from bad health problems. Master Yao was a Taoist monk is what I have heard and has a student living/teaching in Canada. Don't know other details.
  8. Advaita and Buddhism are the Same After All

    Hmmm.... you should read back what you wrote and self-analyze perhaps? I replied to every argument of yours and within reason but you came back with lame excuses. Lol, you will have to work with me a little here as I am a fan of David Icke! So I also have two takeways here: - Vajra and co don't represent all or most Buddhists and their means here are hardly skillful. - Some words of appreciation for Dwai which he truly deserves - which he did not get so far, including from you - but for ridicule. Ok, I have some questions on your advice and how it relates to Buddhism. When you can respond and not react, come back for a chat. I like Persian Baklava by the way! Or is it Arabic? Doesn't matter right? Not Hindu and I still appreciate it and that's all matters. Be well and work on some meditation as well in addition to online forums and analyzing Lay Hindus.
  9. Advaita and Buddhism are the Same After All

    Okay people, I sure have a delusional life and my xbox is not going to play by itself because of Prtatityasamutpada. I will divert my skill or lack of it to that ... good nightie everyone Drew, I got Qissage last night and must say it is good! A perfect short massage routine to address all the important meridian points. I was working on Trunk's list but that was a tad too many. My Sifu taught me a shorter sequence that seemed to work well but this is one is very good! I should probably try them in full lotus. Extremely well thought out sequence. I am planning to send a copy to my acupuncturist in Beijing - this seems better than his complicated routine
  10. Kill The Buddha: Sam Harris On Buddhism

    Nothing wrong with the forum. Just the means of preaching adopted by the likes of you is highly "skillful"
  11. Advaita and Buddhism are the Same After All

    I thought Kamalashila said: If Dhamma is not understood once, teach again. If not, teach yet again. Teach till the dhamma is drilled deep and insight arises. That is the true mark of compassion. But you gave up on me already The hat of the savior ascends in a minute and descends the next? Coming back to my question - if you go back and read your posts all over again, you still think you have been skillful in conveying what you set out to? Note that I am not claiming to be skillful by any degree before you throw back the same question at me
  12. Advaita and Buddhism are the Same After All

    Well, when you run out of valid arguments, you can accuse me of half-bakedness, not-bakedness or delusion. But a moment ago you were ready to end my delusion no? Gave up already? The only way to counter my half-baked beans is through your full-baked beans. Jeez, its time for dinner!
  13. Advaita and Buddhism are the Same After All

    Again, baseless conclusions. Same Buddhism has been called passive and averting from life by people but you accuse such of not understanding Buddhism. Hindus have the same complaint no? Vajra is not a Hindu and the statement I made here is what he is quoting here! Namkhai Norbu writes many such fantastic stuff in his books! They are not Hindus! I never denied Hindus have some fantastic theories. But are Buddhists lacking any? The example is right here, but you choose to ignore and say Vajra does not represent all Buddhists. Hello! Namkhai Norbu does (my greatest respects for him...just using him as a reference). He is saying Buddhism was brought here from another Universe. To divert the issue, you ignore the point in discussion and change track to ethical philosophy. Talking of skillful means! Very Arab-like, but unfortunately reflective of the current day
  14. Advaita and Buddhism are the Same After All

    And this theory is based on? What you see day to day in India? Where and how have you examined lay Buddhist theories? What is your exposure to a lay Buddhist? Let's talk facts here and not couch conclusions. Hey, you concluded I was deluded. I didn't take such liberty. I only suggested that there is a possibility that you have cultural conditioning that makes you bigotted in your approach towards Hindus and resort to medieval Islam as the source of scientific thinking. My my, had the Moslems not invaded India, there would be no science but only math! Thank god for the brutal invaders. Ok, again, jokes aside, your conclusions are based on your conditioning and not hard facts. You would need to start right with the definition of a "lay" Hindu, what his cultural and philosophical backgrounds are etc. I believe I am not overstepping my limit in pointing out your prejudice as you have only targeted Hindus in all your posts and have not indicated that your accusations may apply in some degree to other religions as well. Your need to constantly go back to medieval Islam to find support for your argument only strengthens my case.
  15. Advaita and Buddhism are the Same After All

    Not really! You talk from your frame of reference living in India where there are no lay Buddhists. Add to it the cultural conditioning of a Moslem upbringing - selective bias against everything Hindu while trying to go back in time to appreciate the "scientific" outlook of the Arabs is proof enough! If Buddhism is close to anything, it is probably Hinduism as the current day Hinduism derives a lot of its elements from Buddhism as well. So when you harp endlessly on the intellectual deficiencies of the "lay" Hindu, Buddhism is to be blamed as much, thanks to the Buddhist elements present in cultural and religious Hinduism today. Talk of Buddhists - there are so many Hindu elements as well and that steal away some credit you stubbornly give to the Buddhists for being rational, scientific and free from all kinds of dogma (yes, yes, there is a perfect explanation for Buddhism existing before the earth)