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  1. Kundalini

    You are doing two mistakes here: 1. Attributing your experiences to Kundalini or Shakti herself, as though it were her one fixed nature. With the three and a half fold nature she commands, she can be any color, any form, anything and with that half-aspect in action, Nothing as well! I am not sure what Yogis you are talking about and what your criteria to find how advanced they are are. 2. Ying and Yang as applied to Shakti. Shakti's ying and yang natures? Care to explain more with some reliable source? Apart from the fact that you are trying to mix up two different systems of nomenclature, you are also mapping the terms incorrectly. So yes, you just did ascribe colors and definitions to Shakti, but incorrectly. When it is impossible to attribute fixed characteristics to Kundalini who's just one aspect of Shakti, how could one try and assign colors and yin and yang-ness to Shakti? I believe you have got your entire understanding of Shakti misplaced. I would suggest studying some classic texts as well and not rely upon some illusive plays one experiences in the body, awe-inspiring but not of any ultimate use. I don't mean to criticize you but people here seem to hold you as some sort of an expert, which obviously is untrue especially after you make such misinformed generalizations. If you are truly awakened, try invoking the Kundalini of Earth and tell me if she is yin or yang and if she is purple or blue? Try invoking the Kundalini of someone with blockages and tell me what is her color. Try invoking the kundalini of a yogi who has purified causal and supra-causal bodies and tell me what his prana kundalini looks like? Try invoking the kundalini of a yogi who has realized the emptiness within the heart-space and tell me what the color of his para kundalini is? Of the three paths of Tantra, when one takes the Celestial route of the Devas or the superior vehicle, the Kundalini awakens not from the root from navel or above? So is she yin or yang there as opposed to the well-known case of root awakening? Does she still appear black and blue? Common Susan, with all those credentials, I expected better from you Another question for you. If you attach yin and yang to Kundalini, what is Shiva in your Taoist terms? And is she completely yin and yang at any instant or varying percentages of both at a given instant? If that is the case, why did yogis adopt most often a fire path to awaken kundalini with next to nothing on the water path or the downward path? You see the fallacy and needlessness of mixing up everything and trying to explain apples through oranges? I don't expect answers from you, but if I have been successful in pointing out how much more most of us have to study before we start preaching and making conclusions based on subjective, misinterpreted experiences, I guess I have not wasted time typing this post.
  2. Kundalini

    I doubt you can attribute colors to Shakti or to Kundalini. Perceptions differ at different stages. Shakti, as undifferentiated from Shiva is Crystalline and having no color. When conceptually different from Shiva, she is Red - the color of the root chakra. With ascent, she takes the colors of the chakras and channels and various other things. She herself has no color specifically. And what is the yang aspect of Shakti? Is there one?
  3. Awakening Kundalini 101

    Lino, I assume you prescribe to Buddhism? So what is it that is divine and in everything that you bow to - in Buddhist terms? A higher self, an atman-paramatman kinda figure, shunyata, bodhi-chitta... ??
  4. Why I am against 'powers'

    Jane, I have no powers except for my power to sleep, eat, try to have fun, and live in spite of what pulls you down. Is that a power? May be, or is it just a natural instinct to survive? Probably is. As a kid, I supposedly communicated with spirits and underwent hell on that account. From being called a lunatic to a satanist, I got picked from my own family. But then there was a survival instinct and I picked my pieces. It is not easy to talk about such a journey especially with the kind of openness you have exhibited. This is how I see it: Have nothing more to offer you than a warm hug. Sister, really appreciate what you have shared here. Reading that, I feel a lot of my own baggage melting away.
  5. There is no self

    Gosh, you sure live ina world of Buddhist fantasy. Everything is a Brahminical conspiracy against the Buddha. So blame the economy on Brahmins too? Seriously, do you guys realize how ridiculous you sound to a non-Indian considering you are all Indian? You seem to know very little of your own history! And I am not even talking about Alwayson (shouldn't that be Alwaysoff?) lol Seriously, time to think with your tainted Buddhist lens off like Mikaelz would advice every one else, himself sitting behind his own thick lens lol! And get your asses up from below the Bodhi tree and stop pretending to be neither there and not there. You may get fired at work
  6. Kundalini

  7. There is no self

    Sorry, no time to respond to one liners. I doubt you have the background to understand any academia, analyze and see objectively. If you do, it has not become evident on this thread. Give me some proof of that and I will take you more seriously and put in some effort answering your question. I believe all you have on this thread are a bunch of statements with no logic, reasoning or even right grammar and punctuation (not mandatory, but helps!)
  8. There is no self

    Not a sane argument. When the Brahmins and Buddhists were competing with each other, both borrowed from each other. You forget to notice that and stick to your own harp and sing the same tune. You chose to accept only the Buddhist viewpoint, because you want to. Perhaps a personal history of disappointment towards Brahmins? Buddhism has much borrowed from Hinduism (Vedic or Brahminical civilization) and vice-versa. You can stick to the ideas of Buddha being self-enlightened, reviving lost dhamma from another age or planet/world etc. But that is just your belief. Perception of one Buddhist was not the same as another and these changed with times. Warring Buddhist monks aided by local rulers after the last big conference, primarily for control over viharas and secondarily over doctrinal differences is well-documented. So I would not base facts upon perception. Every noted Buddhist accredited with new thoughts apart from Buddha during the crucial phase has been a Brahmin. In fact, Theravadins have criticized Mahayana and Vajrayana for this very fact and accused these schools of being nothing but Brahminical thought disguised as Buddhism. So if you don't like Brahmins, you cannot like much of Buddhism either! A lot of Brahminical ideas have been thoroughly embedded into Buddhism, and may be intentionally so as early Theravadins pointed out! So, the joke is not on the Brahmins really. Are there still people who believe Buddha taught Buddhism and everyone followed and explained it? Do people study history, evolution of thoughts, socio-cultural influences on religion and other such subjects? With words such as Faith, you sound more like Christian than a Buddhist IMO. Time to think beyond the sat under a tree and got enlightened story.
  9. There is no self

    India was many more things, was Islamic, was Brahminical and many more things. If it was Buddhist at one point, so what? That was a small passing phase like many others. I have not found much reason in anything you have written so far, so I will not argue about the crap part. Your post describes itself. I am a member of many other forums on which you run similar tirades and troll and I realize the futility of arguing with you. I would rather do something worthwhile. My post was intended for someone balanced and non-juvenile with a reasonable capability to think, articulate and carry on a meaningful conversation.
  10. There is no self

  11. There is no self

    Why Buddhism Died in India
  12. There is no self

    Advaita and Buddhism
  13. Why I am against 'powers'

    With a capital A. It takes guts to share what Jane did. What do you have to offer except make half-assed jokes and poke fun at everyone? Did someone call you "Sifu"? And may be you and Lucky7 should get a room, stay there and make fun of anything and everything? Do you guys know you come across as such jerks? One is a Buddhist who likes to debate and the other has burning palms. And what comes out of it? Here you go I guess neither has any real life experience on anything Jane said here. But you can show some respect, can't you?
  14. Working on the solar plexus

    Well said. I got rid of a lot of my Solar Plexus issues using Frantzis's dissolving method and Sedona/Release technique. Though slower than forceful fire methods, releasing/dissolving is safe-paced and gives longterm results.
  15. Working on the solar plexus

    So you did all that sales pitch for something you don't want to try and practice? All I was suggesting was if you feel strongly about KAP, then try that! Or does it raise Kundalini "SAFELY" without working on Solar Plexus and clearing blockages? Not following your own advice no? They teach a bunch of stuff there for Solar Plexus, Dantien, Chakras all mixed up. Not that I found them useful, but since you so strongly feel about KAP, had to say it