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  1. Running into walls again....ARGH!

    Vajrahridaya, You seem to have a good self somewhere but it does come across often in your posts. Have you considered that others may find you insane as well? I have really not found any use in what you write but that does not make you a bad person, does it? Also, it is good you teach dharma to people, let those who listen, listen. Those who don't, why don't you let go? Why do you chase them thread after thread and teach Buddhism? It may be a sacred pastime for you, but possibly irritating beyond limits for some, myself included Are you suggesting you are: a. Perfect b. That leading to the implication you have no area for improvement - writing, communication and plain good courtesy when talking to some one c. Beyond the stage where you can consciously decide if you are sharing, teaching or simply stepping people all over? It seems like a pattern that you as in Mikaelz's case, read only Buddhist threads or whereever you feel you have the scope to correct people, preach and lecture on Buddhism. So it is natural you miss song's posts. You have disrupted Drew's thread to quite an extent and so cannot really accuse song here If you have your own thread, write Buddhism or something and share your knowledge, I am sure nac, Xabir and Serene can write in those threads and you guys can have a discussion. But you write about Buddhism in every other thread irrespective of whether it is relevant or not. This really irritates folks. Most forums have an ignore button and I am sure this one does too, but I would not want to ignore someone like you who is not nasty but plain irritating. Yes, you can disregard the need for some behavioral decorum on a forum and try to teach or correct every other person, but then you cannot complain when you get some heated feedback Overall you do seem like an interesting person ... good night
  2. Running into walls again....ARGH!

    So what was this thread about and Xabir's long posts for? Everysome seems to agree with each other and all are stating the same thing over and over again. And what is funnier is that everyone seems to fully realize that they are all saying the same thing. So why this discussion? For the sake of emphasis or you're all plain showing off how many books and blogs you've read? Serene, it's nice to have questions but don't you think having too many questions and endless debates takes away precious time from practical cultivation? Vajrahridaya, through his statements kind of indicates he has gone beyond practice and is close to the state of Bodhisattva - so he is here talking and teaching all day out of compassion. Possibly he can afford to to that and nothing else infinitely. But is that what newbies such as you or I would want to emulate? Just a thought
  3. Going Theravadin Taoist-style!

    Mikaelz, No offence but you seem to appreciate nothing but Vajra's posts. You agree with him and disagree with anyone that disagrees with him. I don't know the history but its surprising you want to categorize Drew as schizophrenic and rambling but see pure insight and clarity in Vajrahridaya's writings. Hmm, whatever rocks one's boat. Drew, still trying to read your paper you linked in the other thread. Man, you truly are a genius and that explains why you get called schizophrenic . You should write a book or something. Edit: And I sure hope the book will have a smaller scale of capitalization. Love you
  4. Going Theravadin Taoist-style!

    I agree Taoists want a Taoist orgy, preferably in full lotus? Buddhists want a Vajrayana orgy, which is dependently originated? And Mikaelz wants a gay orgy preferably without masks. So, one thing is clear, everyone wants an orgy. Go get a room guyz. Why the name calling?
  5. Going Theravadin Taoist-style!

    Bad manners to call Vajrahridaya schizophrenic
  6. Add grumpiness to a good dose of hypocrisy and it ain't a pretty picture. Thanks Songs, it was a bad day today and you really brought a smile, a big one. Too much of philosophy makes one grumpy, angry and ...I won't dare say gay again
  7. Revenge tactic...

    Lol! Buddhas f***in dakinis? I bet thats gonna be hot
  8. Drew, as I understand from some chi kung teachers and on some threads here, one needs to fill dan tien before trying to "force" energy through mind methods. But SFQ teaches no breathing and we start small universe from day one. Is this okay? To start moving the energy as far up as to the head? What though are we moving as the dan tien has not been filled?
  9. Revenge tactic...

    Hey chill man, like I said it was an innocent question. Why are you so touchy and angry and all that? I understand that you're generally grumpy (I am here only for 2.5 months so I dont know before that) and all that but... By the way I don't remember fighting couples washing dirty linen on a public forum, AFAIK, not a spiritual one at least. But it's strange here and anything is possible, in sorta good way.
  10. Revenge tactic...

    I am sorry but its confusing. I thought Vajrahridaya and Mikaelz were a couple? Or thats what someone hinted in the other thread. But there is a girlfriend? Do not mean this in a derogatory sense as I have a gay cousin but just got curious especially because of Buddhism, cultivation, and their seeming incompatibility with homosexuality.
  11. Emptiness Meditation

    What really is emptiness meditation? Is it a practice - - like vipassana or zazen or watching the breath? - is it 'simply' sitting like Shikantaza? Or is it the result of a practice? If it is, what leads one to emptiness? Qigong? Zazen? Can someone point me to Taoist approach to emptiness meditation - books, articles, audio etc.? thank you
  12. Healers and Distance healing

    Smile, thanks a lot for the gracious advice, will surely check him out. My pendulum seems to recommend him more than anyone we have considered lately.
  13. I had some issues with Bruce's methods also. If you don't mind, can you tell me what practices helped you - any particular chi kung or cultivation practice?
  14. Microcosmic Orbit

    Any suggestion of an easy way to do this? Deep abdominal breathing? Consciously trying to move chi or visualize chi movements don't seem to work very well for me.
  15. Healers and Distance healing

    <bumping up the queue> Sincere thanks to all who sent best wishes and helpful notes.